Monday, June 30, 2014

The Magical Play Of The Original State (无生的游戏)

“The Magical Play Of The Original State” is a Great Perfection work produced by HH Dudjom Rinpoche during his youth after his dark retreat in a cave somewhere in India. I summarize the gist of the work as the details can only be shown to those who have received the empowerment:


“Amitabah (阿弥陀佛), Avalokitesvara (观音), Padmasambhava (莲花生), root lama (根本上是), Vajrakilaya (普巴金刚), Vajrayogini (金刚亥母) and dharma protectors are never existed. One should look into one’s heart as the truth and joy is in one’s heart nowhere and nothing else. Knowing this truth will bring eternal joy and liberation to all suffering. In another words… you are on your own folks!”


Having said so… what happen to those ‘idol worshippers’ in Buddhism since all deities are essentially ‘empty’ and never have existed before?


This is a serious claim as Amitabah and Avalokitesvara worship are deep rooted in Mahayana tradition for thousand of years; denying any one would mean that nullifying the merits accumulated by those faithful folks thus far.


In old days, scholar and rulers would prefer people to have blind faith as that would be easier to control them. Hence Emperors of old China kept building Buddhist and Taoist temples in the hope their subjects would not rebel against them; people call this type of policy “the policy of ignorant” (愚民政策).


In modern time, we see people building bigger temples as if building big temples become an act of merit creation; but no one thinks that all these big infrastructures need money to maintain. So, there are endless of fund raising and donation campaigns.


Oh, I heard another voice said that Tantric Buddhism is NOT Buddhism proper as except the “Namo Buddhaya” that refers to seeking refuge to Gautama Buddha and the rest of the deity worships are from Hinduism.


Perhaps the best way to clear this dispute is by asking the Buddha which is the authentic Buddhism that He has originally imparted to mankind. Then and again… The Buddha remains silent since His nirvana.  His worshipper kept arguing till today and split into various fractions.  It is perhaps a good idea for us to meditate until everyone achieves nirvana too, then this world would be very peaceful indeed as nothing is done hence nothing is produced.


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