Thursday, June 26, 2014

Withering Of Woods (忍术枯座法)

“Withering of woods” is a ninjitshu method used by ninjas to poison a group of people within a confine space. Contrary to common believes, ninjas normally work in small groups and they are quite reluctant to engage in standard open warfare contrary to stories tell in movies about ninjas.


Common folks also have the opportunity to make use of the “withering of woods” technique in our modern times too. Do you believe that when I tell you I have came across many occasions this technique is used inadvertently; let me show you two real life examples:


My first experience happened when I was taking my undergraduate degree in UK. Well, overseas students were normally given the opportunity to stay in university hostels with a common kitchen at the centre of the hostel. Naturally, I had the opportunity to stay in the hostel as well.


Asian students normally like to cook, more so when they are in a foreign land. I am also no exception. There is one occasion that I tried to cook “sambal belacan” (a type of hot shrimp paste) fish in the kitchen and guess what had happened?



A German friend first came out from the bathroom and as he walked past the kitchen, he immediately yelled: “Good God! What a horrible smell and rushed out of the hostel covered in his wet towel in the mid of the winter!


Then came a Jewish friend and he yelled the same: “OMG! What a horrible smell…” and rushed out in cold!


And then came a Japanese student and before she could open her mouth, she already found herself out of the hostel…


Before I realised what had happened, almost of the hostel residents of that block had done the evacuation except me!


Apparently I had made use of the “withering of woods” technique.


The second incident happened to a factory next to mine when I was serving in the industry. An Ammonia gas tank leaked and the ammonia gas found its way into the factory air handling unit and subsequently the ammonia gas filled the hole of the factory area and the factory had to be closed for 2 weeks!


That is another example of “withering of woods” technique through accidents.


Have you ever tried this technique?


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