Sunday, June 8, 2014

King Of Wood: Raja Kayu (王木)

An assortment of commercial grade Raja Kayu.
Raja Kayu is a mysterious type of wood said to have many medicinal and magical properties. It is said also that only Malaysian aborigines can identify this type of mysterious wood. However, according to Dr. Chris Teo’s Beautiful Flowering Trees, Raja Kayu is actually Cassia Fistula or more commonly known as “the golden shower”:



Medicinally, people said that Raja Kayu can cure asthma, high blood pressure, gout, diabetes, allergies, rheumatism, promote blood circulation, skin diseases and stabilizing the mind.


Magically, old folks believe Raja Kayu can:


·         Eliminate negative forces

·         Crack black magic

·         Remove bad luck

·         Dispel ghosts and spooks

·         Increase boon

·         Build up confidence and courage

·         Etc.


In old days, Raja Kayu was said to be used to make keris handle as this is believed to be able to increase the owner’s fighting spirit in battle fields. Now days, local folks would keep a small piece of Raja Kayu in their purse or wear it as pendant for bringing good luck.


  1. yes it is being tested by my friend being possess by evil spirit

  2. Hi everyone here lm David from Singapore

  3. Is Rajai Kayu really has it magical power against the entities

  4. i have a tongkat made from this kayu with Thai sacred yan writings, i wanna know where to put this ? above door entrance? on altar? cause its quite longlike a normal tongkat. Thank you Mr. Liew.