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The Secret Of Kuji Kiri (九字结)

Kuji Kiri is said to be of Taoist origin and once a guarded secret in China. Legend has it that the Huang Emperor (黄帝) used the Kuji Kiri method to defeat the barbarians (蚩尤). Of course, that is only a legend yet to be proven. One thing can be sure is that the masters in Mantrayana retold the above story to the later generations.


The granddad Jiang (姜太公) used Kuji Kiri to help King Chou (周武王) miraculously defeated theYin () King Zhou (纣王). Kuji Kiri was at that time a guarded secret amongst the nobles and it is being practised in secrecy.


During the Han Dynasty (汉朝), Zhang (张子房) taught Kuji Kiri to Huang (黄石公) who assisted the Hang Emperor, Liu (刘邦) unified China for about 400 years. The time moves on to the ‘period of 3 kingdoms’ (三国时代), the military advisor of Kingdom Shu (蜀国) Zhu Geliang (诸葛亮) defeated many enemies against all odds.


Later a scholar Shangyin (商阴) simplified the original Kuji Kiri that was a collection of Han words: 临兵斗者总必要陈列前行 into 临兵斗者皆阵列在前a total of 9 words.


Hence, the Kuji Kiri was originally a Taoist secret, when Buddhism came to China, some Buddhists incorporated the Kuji Kiri in to their practices and now Kuji Kiri has become a Buddhist practice proper.


In Japanese Mantrayana, the practitioner would add the below prayers to invoke the protection of goddess Marichi:




"I prostrate to the assembly of my deity, the arrival of Goddess Marichi, protect my shape and shadow."


Over the years, many Chinese and Japanese masters used Kuji Kiri to make their names in history. Hence it is believed that whoever understands and mastered Kuji Kiri, he/she will be able to defeat any enemies in whatever dangerous situations; not only be safe from all harms but he/she will also accomplish great deeds.


It is no wonder why the ancient scholars like to learn Kuji Kiri. Once a person understands the secret of Kuji Kiri, he/she will defeat his/her enemies with ease. This person can also escape from disastrous situations, defeat demonic forces, wild animals such as tigers and snakes.


In our daily life, Kuji Kiri can help us to understand and defeat our opponents however strong they are. So I would say that Kuji Kiri is indeed a tool for the success. Practicing Kuji kiri will help us to stabilize our nerve and hence to overcome any challenging situations we might be facing with cool mind.


Needless to say that our modern society is an extremely competitive society, one who can take control of the situation will be the one who can success in life. Suntze (孙子) said:



The one who understands oneself and the opponent, will not put oneself into danger.


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