Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poisons And Herbal Medicine In Ninjitshu (忍术用药)

If I can go back in time for 30 years, then I would learn up Ninjitshu from the monk I met in Ipoh; otherwise in my next reincarnation perhaps. Ninjas are not only expert in martial arts; they are also master herbalists amongst other fields too.


I have only able to recall some points during our conversations and below is what I have jotted down so far:


Let’s take poisons for example: there are three types of poisons commonly used by ninjas in old days: the one that kills immediately, the one that kills in 30 days and the one that kills in 70 days. Other than that there are poisons that will make people drowsy, poisons that make people crazy, or aphoristic poisons just to name a few.


In order to make an opponent blind, a ninja would use carbide mixed with sulphur and chilli powder. If these substances enter the opponent’s eyes, then he/she would be blind.


If there are a large number of enemies congregated inside a house, a ninja would burn a mixture of cow dung, centipede, and sandalwood powder with other substances in the vicinity of where the enemies congregated. All the enemies would be knocked out in a jiffy. If the enemy is only one, then a ninja would let the target consume some marijuana and the person will be knock out pretty soon too.


Ninjas also like Amorphophallus Konjac (魔芋) a lot too for when processed properly; this aroid can be used as food as only a little quantity can last the ninja for a long time. In another way, the A. Konjac is also used to silent dogs too. I would not elaborate here as this can also be misused.


A ninja is also human and prone to injuries; they normally keep two to three types of herbs such as A. Konjac, Arisaema, Sambucus, Ardisia etc. along with him. These herbs are normally burnt to ashes and kept in a container only to be used when in need.


Other than that, ninjas are also very particular about their diets. They don’t normally consume liquor but there are exceptions. Since the ninjas mostly staying in ravens and deep jungles, they can only make use of herbs that can be found locally.


In addition to consuming rice and beans, ninjas’ menu normally comprises Goji-berry, glutinous rice, Licorice and Polygala. These herbs are thought to be beneficial to human body, mind and spirits.


Do you believe that ordinary eggs can also kill you and no modern forensic examinations can pinpoint your killer even if he/she stands in front of you? If you have the time, think about it… On second thought, be careful what your wife serves you daily… Hahaha… I am not joking!

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