Saturday, June 7, 2014

Small Pebble Love Spell (爱情迷魂法)

This was once very popular love spell in small villages around Chiang Mai.


In old days, when a youngster wanted to pursue a young lady but hasn’t the courage to express himself, he would hide behind a tree beside a small village lane and waited for the one he admires to pass by.


When the lady is in sight, he would pick up a small pebble, recite a mantra and blow into the pebble before throwing it to the lady. Proponent said that once the small pebble touches the lady, she would fall in love with the lad.


I cannot guarantee the effectiveness, but below is the step to master this spell:


First one must memorize the mantra by heart: “OM MI HA MUM PHI HUM”.


The above mantra must be recited 9x in a breath, and the exercise must be repeated for a total of 9 times for 49 days, 3 times a day.


After the 49 days empowerment period, the spell is ready to be used.


Just a word of caution however, whatever you do; please sharpen your throwing skill for when any living creature of opposite sex is hit by the pebble thrown by you will fall in love with you. The old man who taught me this spell told me that there were once a young man who has mastered this spell perfectly but he had a very poor aim in throwing.


One day the one he desires passes by him and the lads picked up a pebble, recited mantra and gave the pebble a blow before throwing at the girl. However, he missed his target and the pebble hit an old sow just beside the girl…


The old sow was so stimulated and it chased the lad frantically all over the village wanted to mate with the lad! I don’t know what’s the ending as the old man didn’t say and I wasn’t busied body enough to find out; I think you got the idea.


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