Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The "Waste Of Time" Naïve Occult Forums

I once attended many occult forums in the hope to be able to learn from the masters:


·         The white magic forum: “Only I’m truly good, all others evil, evil and evil!”

·         The black magic forum: “Magic, sex and blood!”

·         The grey magic forum: “Chaos, chaos, chaos is the way!”

·         The no magic forum: “I know but I ain’t telling!”

·         The sale magic forum: “Free for all but pay if you want the answer!”


But alas! Many of those forums are just a waste of participants' time as many of the hosts, members and moderators are not really knowledgeable but have many hidden agendas:


·         An occult altar wanted to promote his/her books.

·         An amulet seller wanted to promote his/her amulets.

·         An occultist wanted to recruit students for his/her financial gains.

·         Etc.


The modes of operation is very simple, there is always a ‘good guy' and 'bad guy'. The bad guy is the one who would attack anyone who posts doubts on the forum agenda; while the good guy is always the pacifier who will try to pacify the situation and remove the 'trouble maker' from the forum. Hence, the unwary would be escorted or excluded out by these bouncers of the forum master.


Below is just a very common example of a conversation in a forum:




"I would like to learn Arjan Chum's invulnerability method, can you help?"


The forum host:


"I could help but I can only give you the basic, you will need to be a 'registered' member (fees paying) to learn more."


The good guy:


"Mr. A is a very good magician and the results are guaranteed, the offer is of limited time..."




"I heard your lineage is not original..."


The forum host (furious):


"If you have no money, then don't join..."


The bad guy:

"I know this guy; he is a trouble maker and a cheater..."


The crowd:


“Yeah lor… he is a cheater…”


Sounds familiar?


Well, my take is that a forum is a place for bullying an innocent bystander who ‘accidently’ spoke the truth but in doing so, he/she has ‘broken’ the group taboo and being abused verbally…


It is a free world, but it is not free until one can simply throw out slandering remarks for one’s advantage. Anyone who continues to attend those forums would feel lethargic and empty after signing off from the forums that I can assure you due to extreme negative vibe. It will also be bad karma for the ones who have created lies. Do you believe it or not? Don’t take it too seriously though.

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  1. Yeah, this is very familiar. In fact, I joined a certain group because it claimed I would get rich by practicing its meditations and techniques. It turned out to be a scam. It took a while for me to realize that all they did was teach you "meditation" that made you feel high but left no real and lasting effect. Eventually I left because I became disgusted with what they taught. Just meditate, donate and serve the "guru." They didn't like my questions and threatened me, so I left.

    Ever since I left, things actually became better for me. Ha! Good riddance to the scammers!