Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beware Of Deviant Cults (谨防邪教)

Deviant cults do not fall into the curriculum of traditional religions or of any standard magical systems. Even magic traditions have a set of training that can determine if one is going the correct way. Deviant cult has no self checking facility hence there is no psychic protection whatever for the followers. Most of the spirits contacted are of lower spirit realms.

Before I go on, let me share two news clippings about what harm can deviant cults do:

1.      On 10:19pm, January 15, 2015 a lady suffered from mental depression suspected of victim of deviant cults strangled her mother while screaming that her mother was a devil…
2.      On August 9, 2012 8 relatives suffocated a 3 year old girl with human pyramid. Worth mentioning that there is teacher, PhDs, masters etc. amongst those people

And I believe the above is just a few cases surfaced in Penang…

Perhaps the mentality of our local Chinese communities are going down the drains as most of these deviant cult practitioners are of highly educated and well to do folks…

What are the characteristics of deviant cults?

While the standard religions, magical streams and deviant cults practise meditation; meditation practice in deviant cult are quite different. In some cases practitioners would feel that some entities have entered into their body and that their heads and bodies would start to shake. Gradually these people would lose consciousness and possessed. This is the same as medium training.

There may be voices telling the persons that that are gods of higher realms that are coming into contact with them. And if these unwary folks believed what was said, then their bodies would be taken over by these spirits whatever that may be. The serious ones would become crazy or mentally unstable as both of the above cases.

After the initial meditation experiences, followers of deviant cults can speak through their tongues of seemingly nonsense to our ordinary ears. For example:

“By the 5th day of Buddha’s birthday, the Guan Yin would come to save the world…”
“We must go to the top of a mountain and fast for 49 days without clothing…”
“Everyone is ghost except I…”
“I am the reincarnation of Amitabah…”

Anyone who goes beyond this stage would be near insane in the eyes of others as these deviant cult followers would do many out of ordinary things such as the deviant cult followers would stop working to cultivate in their own house, their house would be dirty and untidy and these folks keep murmuring mantras non-stop while staring blank. At this point, at best; these deeply intoxicated folks would just stay quietly in one corner; at worse, they would attack innocent standbys unprovoked.

To the outside world, these deviant folks are ‘crazy’… to themselves; they had already achieved sainthood and being at the side of the Buddha…

So, if you have any friends who act weird, act fast; contact the social works department for counselling for if you turned a blind eye; other innocent folks would get hurt in very near future. Remember, the victim may just be you!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your mail.

    Seems you are practising Thai magic or related magic.

    Real Tantric Buddhism does not deal with trance. One need to seek refuge to the guru and 3 gems.

    Tantric Buddhism also one of the Buddhist schools, so magic and mediums are not welcomed.