Sunday, May 10, 2015

From Worm Poison To Ms Ong (翁姐蛊毒事件)

A famous late Hong Kong kung fu actress known by the name Ms Ong committed suicide on May 15, 1985. Many people attributed the cause of her suicide due to broken heart. However, insider said that Ms Ong was the victim of worm poison (蛊毒) and not as what was publicized in mass media.

According to an insider, there are two reasons:

1.      One week before her death, someone has said that he/she want to teach Ms Ong a lesson using worm poison.
2.      Ms Ong’s face, eyes and hairs were swollen and showed yellowish color, and that she was losing hairs. Further red spots were also seen on her body. In addition, green vines were seen on Ms Ong’s face and neck. She was not herself and she looked lost…

All of the above symptoms are in fact signs of worm poisoning. Perhaps Ms Ong’s poisoning case is not unfounded.

So, how do we detect is we ourselves are the victim of worm poisoning?

Well, it is not difficult. We only need to get a glass of plain water and then spit into the glass. If the saliva sinks; then chances are that we have become victims of worm poisons. Otherwise, we are safe.

Since it is very difficult to cure worms, then it is best not to in taking any of the contaminated food since most of the worm poisoning is due to food consumption. There is a quick and easy to test if your food is contaminated:

If we suspect that a cup of tea is being tempered with, its surface temperature and the bottom would be different. For example, while the top part feels hot, the bottom feels cold. In this case, one can choose not to drink the beverage. If there is no way to avoid, then he/she can rotate the cup away from his/her body.

In any case, prevention is better than cure. So, please stay away from bad company.

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