Friday, May 29, 2015

Field Investigation On Spirit Possession DIY (鬼附体调查)


Even if one does not involve in magic, in one’s lifetime; a person will have some opportunity to come face to face with ghost possession scenarios. This posting is a reference for parents, husbands, wives, concern friends or supervisors a like on how to probe with spirit possession investigation Do-It-Yourself before calling for an appropriate help.

Safety first

Preferably one should not perform an investigation alone especially the location is out in the field. On the site, please always stand face to face with the said possessed person and always keeping a watchful eye on the person. It is best not to have one’s back facing a window or a railing especially at height. In all cases, all activities should be performed at a safe place.

Data to collect before hand

As with any other investigation work, it is good to run a background check on the target if the person is a total stranger:

·         Name, date of birth, gender, work, address
·         A general description of the person’s recent condition
·         A person’s photo

Things to bring

There are some basic things one should bring along and please let others know where you are going and below things would be in order:

·         A bunch of keys
·         Phone (to call for help in case emergency)
·         A watchful eye

Actual investigation

1.      Approach the said possessed person from front and test his/her reaction. If it is a violent reaction then keep a safe distance.
2.      Start talking to find his/her reactions to verbal communications. If the respond is clear and logical, then the person is not possessed or insane.
3.      Start reciting mantras or prayers, if it is a genuine spirit possession; the person should show some kind of reactions. If there is no reaction, then take out the keys and swing them to produce some noise. Spirits would feel agitated against the sound of metals. If there is still no reaction, then chances are that the person is not genuinely possessed by spirits.
4.      In that case, approach the person and hold his/her hands or feet. If the body temperature is normal, then the person is not possessed. A possessed person would feel cold and sticky.
5.      Take the person’s pulse, if the pulse is normal and slow; the person is not possessed. A possessed person’s pulse would be faster than normal.
6.      Check his/her eyes. If there is no abnormal red or black vines and that the eye white is clear; then the person is not possessed.
7.      Check the person’s reaction towards instructions such as “I want to write something, please give me a pen.” If the person obliged, and hands you a pen; then the person is not possessed.
8.      Observe the person’s eye movements, if they are rapid and the eyes are bright; then the person is definitely NOT possessed.

Making conclusions

Now that we have enough information to conclude if further action is required:

1.      If a person is indeed possessed, then the spirits need to be exorcised. Unlike common belief, exorcism rituals can take 3 months to 6 months. In very rare case that a ghosts can be expelled in one setting.
2.      If the person is not possessed, then the only link to his/her problem is mental depression, insane or melancholy. There are many reasons for melancholy and one of them is the victim of deviant cults.
3.      Personal reasons: it may be simply the need to attract attention, donation or to earn respect amongst the community. This situation can be found in places where people are afraid of ghosts.

Further actions

According to one’s condition, further action may be in order especially if you are the one who can make decision:

·         The patient must be isolated from current environment. Please remember that it is at this environment that he/she has suffered his/her present suffering.
·         Seek modern psychiatry help.
·         If the person is in need for income to sustain life, then he/she should be retrained for new skills.
·         If the person needs religious counseling, then it is best to find a reputable character in religion for proper guidance.
·         Whatever situation it may be, the patient should be walked through together during the healing process and not be let alone.

Hands off

Unless the patient is one of the family members or close one, there are not many things one can do except giving out advices. The reason is that over tempering into other’s family issue is not a welcoming gesture to some conservative societies. So, it is best to hands off when you feel it is time.


It is good to make notes of your observations. It is also my hope that the above observations would be helpful for anyone who suffers from spirit possession issues. This would also be one of my few active postings for quite a while. This deviant cult issue is getting on my nerve.

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