Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beware Of Secondhand Items (附灵二手货)

Some secondhand items look as if they are good buys as at times; secondhand items may be 80%~90% cheaper than new ones. However, there is a catch: there may be a string attached to these items. So, one should indeed beware of the below cheap items:

·         ‘Special items’ or ‘cheap items’
·         Cars with number plates from other areas
·         Popular car types selling super cheap
·         Good house selling below market price

Normally super cheap items especially vehicles would have its previous owners’ ‘life forces’ (生灵) attached and these life forces may affect the well beings of new owners.
If one does not have psychic abilities and intend to test if an item or car has any residual energies, then he/she can go to the item after sunset and then sits beside an item or inside a car or a house and meditate for about 15 minutes or so.

If an item, especially a car has experienced fatal incident, then the residual energy of the deceased would be very strong indeed. It is best to avoid purchasing such items however cheap, but if one need to be; then extensive prayers and rituals should be made until these residual energies are released for good. Otherwise, a new owner may suffer from the same mishap as the previous owner. For example: If a house owner was burnt to death in a house and this house is subsequently purchased by another person, then the new owner have a higher chance to be hurt in a fire incident also.

My friend, Chong studied and worked in Japan for 10 years. He once purchased a secondhand car to solve his travelling issues. Since he was on a budget, he could only afford a low cost one and after some search, he found a relatively new car with number plate from another state at a secondhand car dealer. Without much thought, Chong purchased the used car and happily went home.

After a while, Chong was quite satisfied with his purchase but one very nagging issue with the car was that there is a sort of mud smell lingered within the car; no matter how many times Chong cleaned the car, the mud smell was there to stay put…

During one weekend, Chong brought his family out for picnic and they spent the whole day beside the foot of Mount Fuji. It was in the early evening they decided to head back home as it was getting dark and looks like the weather wasn’t very good too.

As Chong was driving, the rain started to fall. Chong’s wife was at the passenger seat beside Chong, and their children were at the back seat. There were altogether four of them. When the car passed by a lake, Chong suddenly saw in his rear mirror, the reflection of two adults and two children at the back seat. At the same time, he lost control of the steering wheel as if it was pulled by an invisible force towards right side. After some struggle, Chong’s car plunged into a lake nearby.

The luck was Chong’s side as there were some people fishing nearby. So the family was quickly pulled out from the car and local folks sent them to a temple beside the lake. A Shinto priest came and greeted the Chong family and accommodated them for one night. Before Chong left the temple the next morning, the priest told Chong that there were four dead souls following Chong family and he would pray for the spirits to be delivered.

When Chong finally returned home, he went to the secondhand car dealer to enquire of the origin of his ill fated car. After some persuasions, the salesman finally revealed that the previous car owner and his family all 4 persons were drowned when the car plunged into a river a year ago!

Chong was lucky, but not all people are as lucky as Chong. As you can see, it is important to think twice before one purchase a used item… or he/she will find that he/she is not alone…

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