Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Most Undesirable Case (最不想的事件)

Many people think that a magician would be able to handle all cases pertaining spiritual issues. Unfortunately, this is not true. Actually it is not so interesting to become a magician as one has to come to face with many abrupt clinical issues: true possessions, false possessions and people’s family matters…

Someone asked me what is the single most undesirable incident that one preferably not lends his/her hands on?

Basically magicians work with all types of spirits but one particular type is the spirit of a mother with a baby. A pregnant ghost carries more karmic influences towards a magician hence no magicians would want to interfere with this pregnant ghost.

Touch wood that I have not come across this kind of pregnant ghost but my Thai master did. A few years ago, a mistress of a rich businessman known as Grace came to my master for help. She was troubled by the spirit of the businessman’s pregnant wife. According to her story, Grace met the businessman in a pub in Bangkok and the businessman quickly has a crash on her.

After some dating, Grace was given an apartment in Bangkok and the businessman would drop by a few days a week to rest. This condition has continued for two years or so until the businessman’s wife finally traced what her husband has done.

So the wife paid a visit at Grace’s place to find a fight one evening, as both of the ladies were involving in a heated argument, the unfortunate businessman walked through the door…

At this point, the businessman’s wife wanted her hubby to give her an explanation and to choose between the two…  Somehow the businessman was reluctant to leave Grace, in a fist of fury; his wife rushed to the window and leaped out from 15th floor and she met her doom. It was later revealed after an autopsy that the wife was pregnant and the husband known nothing about the pregnancy.

Well now that the lawful wife of the businessman is gone, Grace automatically moved to stay with the businessman. However, Grace’s peaceful moment didn't last for long. Two weeks later, Grace found that someone was watching her at her back and at times, she could hear sounds of baby crying.

Gradually, Grace felt that there was always as if an ice bar lying between her and the businessman. Whenever Grace turned to embrace the businessman, she would accidentally touch something very cold and out of this world…

Months lapsed, and ghostly apparition of the pregnant lady started to be seen especially in the bedroom while Grace was doing make-up. Soon, the businessman started to notice strange things happenings to Grace and his house.

After some ghostly encounters, the businessman started to stay away from Grace. That was when Grace started to look for masters to exorcise the spirits. However, no one was willing to get involve as the pregnant ghost was too powerful to handle; and that it doesn't worth the risk. That’s when Grace ended up in front of my master’s door step.

My master did some divination and finally said to Grace:

“I can bind the pregnant ghost for 50 years but that would get me into her karmic cycle that I has no intention to be in. The only option is for you to become a nun in a temple and keep dedicating your merits to the ghostly mother and baby until their hatred subsided…”

I think Grace is still in one of the temples in Bangkok repenting for her sins and bagging for forgiveness from the vengeful pregnant ghost!

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