Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Keep This To Yourself Please (见鬼莫言)

Many people like to huh-hah after seeing a ghost around…

Little had they known that this is not a good idea because once the ghosts know that you can see them, then that would be the beginning of your trouble. As we know that ghosts are pitiful beings as they normally lacks food and shelter and no one would heed them. Once ghosts know that a human can see them, then they would put forth their requests whenever possible… and to many people; that would be the beginning of their problems.

Bee Poh has psychic eyes (阴阳眼) ever since she was young and she has many encounters with these ghostly brothers and sisters. However Bee Poh normally keeps her experiences to herself as she was scolded since young by her mother whenever she said out loud what she saw…

One evening Bee Poh returned home after returning home from hospital and she saw a swing just outside in the playground swung automatically and due to curiosity, she venture out and took a closer look at the swing. There she saw a greyish small shadow sat on a swing.

At that time Bee Poh has forgotten the taboo her mother told her, and she called her hubby to come and have a look at the swing. As soon as Bee Poh opened her mouth, the ghostly kid turned its head towards Bee Poh. It stopped the swing and walked towards Bee Poh… while it was a few feet away, the little ghost spoke: “Mama, I want food… I’m cold; I want to go home…”

Just at the blink of an eye, the ghost kid was sitting in Bee Poh’s living room… At first she thought that the small ghost would leave the next morning. But it stayed on in the house and worse of all, the little ghost has attracted a few more other ghosts into the house! Now even Bee Poh’s baby girl was affected by these ghostly friends as the small girl would cry out loud at midnight for no apparent reasons.

One night, Bee Poh couldn’t stand the trouble no more so she gave me a call…

Bee Poh: “Mr. Liew! I have some ghosts in my house… what can I do?”

Me: “Hmm… get a bowl of cold rice with cold water and put it outside of your main door. After that, burn some joss paper to attract the ghosts. As soon as the joss papers are burnt, return quickly to your house and close the door.”

Bee Poh: “Would they return to the house?”

Me: “Not likely. Ghosts have very short term memory. As they are busily consuming the rice, they would have forgotten where they come from.”

A few days later, Bee Poh gave me a call and she said her problems were over. The ghosts never returned.

I supposed this is the only best way to get rid of the ghosts. I have seen many people attracted more ghosts than they can handle by visiting mediums and performing conjurations. Do you believe it or not?

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