Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Penang’s Crazy Woman (槟城的疯女人)

My master once told me that there were many ‘siao char bor’ or crazy women in Penang. I didn't catch his meaning at that time until I came across a Penang crazy woman said to be possessed by many ghosts…

This story is about a not so well to do divorced old man and his daughter.

Well, there is nothing wrong with a father and daughter except that the father is a 65 year old man and the daughter 40 year old single lady. The father is already retired and his daughter is 40 years old and jobless due to said possession by multiple ghosts. So the father constantly visited various mediums to perform exorcism for his poor daughter.

I supposed that this loving father has never come into thought that how his daughter suffered from those so called exorcism ceremonies… Well, you know how exorcisms are… you will need a few tough guys to press down onto the poor lady until she finally admitted that she was possessed. Until such a stage that when I saw the woman, she just spread in her bed lethargic and expected that I would perform some kind of ritual on her…

My first impression was that this woman must had been molested and tortured during the process of exorcism. Bear in mind that her father has visited almost all spirits mediums he could find until so much so that almost all her clothes were torn after repeatedly being exorcised.

As I was told by the dad that the masters would tell him that his daughter has many ghosts hidden in her body; and they can only ‘extract’ 5 ghosts at a time. Little had this loving dad knew that if there are indeed so many ghosts in his daughter’s body; the lady would already been real crazy or even dead by now!

From what I can see that this poor 40 year old lady is too protected by her loving dad until such a stage that her dad wasn't aware his daughter is no longer his little girl any more. Wouldn't it be odd that a 65 year old man still dragging a 40 year old lady to walk about in the garden… and that the woman still needs to be fetched by her father to where ever she wants to go?

Unfortunately there is nothing magic or I can do: I told her best friend about the issue but she was too frightened that the ‘ghosts’ would harm herself… So be it. I supposed that the 40 year old lady also too lazy to fight for her own rights too.

After I had seen enough, I just thrown down a sentence:

“Who is going to feed you after your dad?”

While I sympathize on the father and daughter plight; I can’t condone the dad’s stubbornness to let his full grown daughter out; and also the daughter’s laziness to fight for her rights to survive.

Was it fate? Or it is indeed simply a case of lack of will power?

What I can be sure of; this is a crime that has nothing to do with ghosts!

Unfortunately, the number of ‘siao char bor’ has just increased by one in Penang. Hopefully some Good Samaritan can do something about this… I am sure too there are still many 'siao char bor' hidden in Penang streets...

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