Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Not So Dramatic Spirit Possession (不是附灵)

There are not too many real violent spirit possession cases around these days. By saying so, I am not saying that there are no spirit parasites attached to our auras and internal organs… Basically, an ordinary folk would have a few spirit parasites around to play with.

I have a real case that seems no shamans or Taoist would be able to solve…

Seems like that the poor young man was physically ‘possessed’ by vengeful ghosts and that his soul was being pushed out of his body… and my job was called just to fix the young man’s soul.

It was said that the young man was not himself anymore as the ghosts had taken over his body. Many shamans and healers had visited and defeated by the ghosts inside the young man’s body… so I was told.

As soon as the order was in, I started to perform some prayers and soul calling rituals and after a while, the answer from the other side was that the young man’s soul was intact and he has no spiritual but emotional issue.

Armed with this knowledge, I visited the young man and his mother greeted me. So I was led to the young man and there he was lying in the living room staring blank at the wall. So, I started to ask:

“Who are you?”

“Can’t you see? I am a ghost!?”

“If you are a ghost then follow me to my home; if you are a person then stay put.”

“Why should I follow you home may I ask!?”

“Then you admit that you are not a ghost!”

After some questioning, it transpired that his mother did bring in many mediums to cure him until he was so agitated that he just used ghost as an excuse to avoid unceasingly exorcism ceremonies.

My conclusion was that the man’s mother was too protective until he, who was in his late 20’s cannot find a decent job due to his mother wanted to make the final call on what job the young man must perform.

I had to tell the mother and son straight that unless they come to a term of what is best for both parties; I can only catch ghosts and my ability is far from perfect in the field of counselling.

So here you are, not all said possession is indeed a possession.

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