Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Story Of A Coin Sword (金钱剑的故事)

Now, let me tell you my grandmother’s coin sword…

My grandma was living in a rubber plantation about 40 years back in Kuala Kangsar. It was believed that a room in her old house was haunted and at nights footstep sounds can be heard walking in the house and at times on the roof too.

My uncle’s friend known as Mr. Lim was posted to Kuala Kangsar for a few days and this gentleman was said to be interested in supernatural things. So, he volunteered himself to put up with my grandma for a few days…

When my uncle put forward his idea, grandma said:

“Please don’t let your friend stay there, it is NOT clean!”

However, Mr. Lim insisted:

“No worries grandma! I don’t believe in supernatural things…”

As I was told that grandma kept refusing but Mr. Lim kept on insisting until grandma finally said:

“Alright, you have to be careful young man. If you feel something is not right, just shout!”

Mr. Lim acknowledged with an okay.

Rubber tappers used to sleep early as they need to wake up at about 4am or when the sun rises, the latex would freeze. Frozen latex worth much less than the liquid form. So, grandma and my uncle went to bed as early as 8pm. That leaves behind Mr. Lim alone in his room.

Somehow Mr. Lim dozed off too as the surrounding was quiet and pleasant…

It was somewhere around midnight or so as recalled by Mr. Lim that he was suddenly awoken by a series of footstep sounds in the room. Well, the sounds were more like someone was dragging his feet against the ground.

As the dragging sound approached Mr. Lim’s bed, he peeped through his blanket but he saw nothing was there. Mr. Lim then decided to disregard the noise and continue to sleep; but not long after that the sound of dragging continued and Mr. Lim felt that this someone was just beside his bed as he can feel the heavy panting sounds of a creature or animal. Mr. Lim started to panic and shiver, he could only cover his head with the blanket but he was too egoistic to call for help still.

Not long after that, Mr. Lim felt something was pulling his blanket and at the same time, a gust of cold wind penetrated under his blanket. Now Mr. Lim felt that his life was in real danger and he started to yell but not a sound came out from Mr. Lim’s throat!  Even though Mr. Lim was a freethinker, in his heart he started to call upon names of gods and goddesses and even Buddha was called but of no avail…

No one knows for how long Mr. Lim has struggled to produce a scream but my grandma was awakened by the sound of something dropping onto the floor making a ‘thub’ sound followed by an unearthly shriek. At the same time, Mr. Lim’s window was forcefully blown open by strong wind.

When everyone rushed to Mr. Lim’s room, they found an old coin sword fell onto the ground with some black liquid stain at its tips… It was really strange as the string used to hang the coin sword was not broken in anyway.

I was interested in my grandma’s old coin sword but as she told me that her old sword was nowhere to be found since the incident. It was quite a pity as this type of authentic item is getting very difficult to come by these days.

What is a coin sword?

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