Thursday, August 20, 2015

Celebrating New Lives (新生命)

My friends went to India to perform exploration from North to South. So I asked them to bring me some local plant seeds. And indeed, one month later, they passed me some seeds and I planted some of the seeds into my flower pots and this is what I get one month after planting those seeds...

Arisaema Jacquemonti seedlings 1 month old.

I planted 24 seeds and 6 germinated. It is amazing as Arisaema Jacquemonti can be found at 2400m in the Himilayas which needless to say, is at extreme cold temperature. Bearing in mind, Malaysia is hot and warm all year round. What attracted me is how the seeds are germinated... If you look carefully at the centre seedling you will notice that a leaf came out  from the back of the seedling giving one the impression that it is parasitic nature. That reminded me of the movie 'Alen' where small aliens came out of the stomachs of their victims...

Arisaema Jacquemonti mature plant

Another interesting plant that has also germinated is the Arisaema Murayi from south-west side of India. Arisaema Murayi can be found at below 1200m level Indian forests.

New Arisaema Murayi shoots just emerged yesterday... Nothing much to see at this point.

Arisaema Murayi mature plant is one of the most beautiful Arisaema plant known.

I don't know if both plants can grow alright in hot Malaysian weather... but let's stay tune...

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