Saturday, August 22, 2015

Luban Magic Initiation (鲁班术入门)

Luban magic as we have discussed before is magic learnt by previous artisans and some Feng Shui masters in old days. If we are to compare, then Luban magic should be learnt by civil engineers or the like.

Previously I did not have too much information on how Luban magic practitioners are initiated until a few weeks ago an old man from China came to me and passed me some Luban magic books. Amongst the titles are Luban Sutras (鲁班经) and Smallwood Sutra (小木经). The old man said that he doesn’t want to bring these Luban magic rituals to his grave and that he wanted to go peacefully. So, he wanted to pass this burden onto my shoulders… Lucky me!

Well, for the knowledge of MagicSEA readers, I shall impart this awful secret just for sharing purposes. It is not recommended anyone to try the star steps or bad consequences may happen to the persons who tried these initiation steps. Traditionally the one who wishes to learn Luban Magic must make a vow and the vow varies according to various Luban traditions. In order that one’s magic works, a disciple must make a vow of: cripple (), poor () or lonely (). In some instances, one of the three elements is replaced with short life ().

First one should set up a Luban Master Tablet (鲁班先师位) on the Southern side of his/her house. When everything is ready, then the person should burn some incense in front of the Luban Master at noon time requesting to be impart the secrets of Luban magic. After that, facing the Master Tablet, the inspired person should walk the Later Heaven Bagua Steps (后天八卦步) to honor the master:

After that he/she continue to walk the Former Heaven Bagua Steps (先天八卦步) for protection:

Now, the disciple should face the east and use his sword mudra (剑指) to draw the Chinese characters 立残 (Immediately cripple) on the ground and then steps onto these characters, and then he/she faces the west and draw 立孤 (immediately lonely) and do the same, and the north 立贫 (immediately poor) and finally the south 回原 (return to normal).

There are more mantras and steps same as other folk cults such as requesting for magical power and spiritual assistant. For brief, I shall not go into the details at this time.

According to the old man, once a person has walked the star steps, he/she is deemed worthy of inheriting all Luban magic in the books he has given to me. I thanked for the old man’s generosity but declined to learn his Luban magic. But I promised him that I shall put his Luban works beside my altar and burn incense daily for as long as I can.

Seriously, just a fair word of warning: please don’t practise any of the star steps for I am not sure what will happen to the persons who tried them as I have no idea of the after effects.


  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    Well, and what is the intention in performing such a kind of magic ?
    If i have understood right, it even harms the practioner himself...
    And it would also be very bad for such a practioner, if he would run into an opponent with higher powers or "better" spiritual contacts than himself...

    I think, that a Fully-Initiated Practioner of Ucchusma Vidyaraja, for examle could easily "wipe the floor" with such a person !

    So i agree with you 200%, Mr. Liew !
    Hands of this kind of magic !
    There seems to be no special advantage, and the price is FAR to high.

    Thank you ver ymuch for your precious time !

    Michael B.

    1. Dear Michael,

      Well, we have often heard that people said magic don't work now days... This is because people don't understand the tricks behind magic.

      Luban magic is a special type of magic mainly for 'teaching others a deadly lesson'. Since this type of magic is lethal, it is only fair that the practitioner repays karmic debts with his/her own merits if he/she wants to harm his/her opponents silently.

      It is not a choice in old days when human lives are worthless and it is extremely difficult to earn a living too... with Luban magic, one can live a reasonable life (with a price).

      Now days, of course we would not venture into Luban magic as it is relatively easy to earn a living. It is certainly almost next to impossible to find real masters to part with Luban magic now days too...

      Old Luban magic is no kidding matters, many old Chinese and Vietnamese folks can attest to that.

      Thank you for your input!


  2. Dear Arjan Perng,

    for our curiosity it is interesting to know. Especially the build of the Ritual is more interesting as it is full of Taoist Magic influence void of the sanskrit sometimes come in the ritual. The first two steps are safe. First is a saturn square which is also known in western magic and 禹步 and is for banishing and the sigil is embeded in western magic if it is to create magic weapons that destroy astral. It is advised for the those who can charge the sigil to not use it as the karmic consquences are severe but this sigil is as well used to subdue the negatice influence of Saturn. We are lucky to not fight over food, well water, women as importance of survival. Actually Michael say that there are people who can best the Lupan Mage. The problem is..... the Ucchusma Vidyaraja Practitioner is somewhere else and may not cross ways with a Lupan Mage and people have to detect the black magic first before they get silenced. Sacrifice is real powerful, as well promises where you have the price to overcome yourself. Arjan Liew you wrote once the japanese Story fight to choose the prince. I do remember, as well the one who try to get Franz Bardon also did it.

    Best regards,