Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Seven Steps To Disaster Free Life (七星祛难)

The sevens steps exercise can improve one's luck and prevent disasters.

My friend said that he is an accident prone person and that he is very easy to get injured. Apparently he had many accidents over the years and the question is if there is a way to remove this life time curse.

In fact, I am also a person who is very much prone to accidents. Out of 50 persons in my class, I was the one who tripped and fall. My car was bumped by others 3 times a year so I continue to use it as what is the point of getting a new car and have it scratched by others?

No worries. There is a method to avoid or lessen one’s damage. This method is called the ‘seven steps method’. If one is persistent in practising it constantly then I can guarantee that most of one’s life disasters can be eliminated if not lessened. The seven steps method will increase one’s aura and increase the sharpness of one’s subconscious mind which in turn will automatically hinted a person to stay away from troublesome spots.

This exercise is ideally being carried out at night between 7pm to 9pm when the stars can be seen in the sky. Of course, it is best to do the exercise under the sky but this is not necessary.

When the time is right, the person should wear loose clothing and start walking the seven steps as shown in the diagram above. When a person starts to walk the steps, his/her hands should make the gesture as if pushing open windows. At times, one can also hold a ritual sword with both hands in front of one’s chest. A sword is normally used when the practitioner feels disturbed by some entities during the star walk exercise.

There is a mantra that accompanies each step:

(The white chi is pouring into my shape.)

(The star steps enable me to ascend to the 7 stars.)

(While the heaven and earth rotates, I travel across constellation.)

(Star steps enable me to be at par with 9 types of spiritual beings.)

(I subdue demons and stunned all evils.)

(The gods help me to escape from peril situations.)

(No harms shall befall upon me.)

There is no limitation on how many times one should walk the 7 steps. I normally walk 7 to 49 rounds. Of course, the more one performs the steps; the faster one can expel filthy aura from one’s body and indirectly transforms one’s health and luck too.


  1. Dear Arjan Perng,

    thank you for sharing this simple ritual.

    As for the mantra..... I am not satiesfied with the translation
    and I believe you use the chinese pronunction directly which would be
    correct in your practise. Further one there is a need of the explaination of some things this mantra is mentioning.

    First it mention Hundun 混沌 which is the primordial chaos so this Qi 白气 is not a post heaven Qi.

    Second it mentions 禹步 which is Yu Steps and it speaks of hastily ascending to 阳明 which can have different meanings from Sunlight to Yang Light to brilliant light... but I dont know the connection to the 7 stars as it did not mention 斗 dou (abbrevation of Bei Dou) like in the fourth line.

    Third is 天回 which means heaven returns because 地转 earth rotate.. can you explain the 天回 because I can not imagine a rotating heaven or a go back of the heaven.六甲 is something more mysterious and I didnt find a connection to "constellation" but of the Taoist 6 Guardian Deities which are these 甲子神、甲戌神、甲申神、甲午神、甲辰神、甲寅神 wand I dont know who they are.

    罡 means the stars on the tail of the big dipper and 斗 is big dipper but what are the 九灵 the 9 Spiritual beings?

    The rest can stay like that and do not need explaination.

    Another point is the diagram. It shows that the steps are perpetual going down into one corner and then into another corner for repeated practise.

    I would like to ask in addition as there are 7 lines of the mantra that for each step is using one sentence or one mantra recitation?

    Also there is the question if one step and stand with both feet on the spot (which is something I saw in the Yu Star Stepping method) or do one have one leg on each spot, for example left leg on 1 and right leg on 2.

    Best regards,

    1. Basically this is only a simple exercise.

      The explanation is for general readers to read and understand.

      1. 混沌 - formless chi.

      2. 阳明 - just means the 7 stars... there are theories behind.

      3. 天回地转 - a phrase non separable. Meaning time changes.

      4. 六甲 - Liu Jia is f60 elements ormed by the 10 heavenly elements and 12 zodiac elements. Which means the space between heaven and earth.

      5. 九灵 - 9 types of immortals 仙人.

      The method:

      First recite a sentence and step at point 1 and so forth with both feet. If you want to train your feet muscle, then squat a little at each point.

      Please bear in mind that his posting is for 'general' reading. If I go into too much Taoist terms, then no one would understand and enjoy it.

      Best wishes,

  2. Dear Arjan Perng,

    this is the a very good answer. It explains enough to use it practical.

    Thank you and best regards

  3. Arjan Perng,
    Wow, really interesting article! So is the starting point of the walk the circle above the circle with the 1?
    And because the 4 directions are associated with different energies, is there a recommended direction one should be facing when moving from 1 to 4?
    Thanks for sharing your esoteric knowledge

    1. The starting point is always 0. But it does'n matter, one only needs to recite one mantra and walk accordingly.

      Very good question! I thought no one will ask!

      I didn't talk about directions because not many people have the luxury of space. If you can perform the exercise outside, then you can follow the below directions:

      Spring - East

      Summer - South

      Autumn/Fall - West

      Winter - North

      The directions are in accordance with where the big dipper points.