Thursday, August 13, 2015

Experience With 7 Steps Star Walk (七星罡经验谈)

I forgot to mention that if anyone who has tried the star walk, he/she should have some psychic experiences during or after the star walk exercise. A friend has tried the star walk and told me his personal experience:

“When I'm doing it only like 3-4 times, nothing happens, but one sure thing is my mind become clear. But when I'm doing it for many times, like 10-20 times, I felt a shiver like being in haunted place. At first I just ignored it. But then after I sleep, I think I've dream something like bad omen. I see the corpse of a relative who has passed away rise up and being alive again, and talk something. Maybe you can advise me regarding the meanings of my experience and what to do? Are those who do the star walks are prone to attack by psychic entities?”

Apparent our friend is very sensitive to psychic entities. Anyway, the star walk exercise opens up doors to spiritual realms. Each step of the star walk means that the person enters a spiritual door. So, there are 7 doors to the spiritual world.

It is not a surprise to have goose bumps, shivers or seeing spirits during or after the exercise because by performing the star steps; the person has effectively entering and exiting the spiritual world. In the eyes of spirits, this practitioner is merely a stranger who consistently entering and exiting their world.

At times, spirits would pass messages to the star walk practitioner in his/her dreams if one has no psychic ability yet. When a message is from spirits that means something in the practitioner’s life is changing. So, please pay some attention to these messages but don’t worry too much about them because as one engages more into the practice, his/her psychic ability would be sharpened and subsequently this person would be able to predict future events in his/her life and avoid them subconsciously.

One thing for sure, one should not overlook the effectiveness of this star step which was passed down by Taoist masters of old. Same old words, try to experience it and believe it! Oh, please avoid horse play or problems will happen too…


  1. Dear Arjan Perng,

    I was doing it once yesterday and found that after the 7 Steps there is a need to stand for a while and to not apruptly stop the exercise and that there are different "things" travel with different speed.

    One has to feel arived before one end the practise and that the energy level is rising as I feel the surrounding vibrating and also heat was leaving my body from certain spots while making me feel more light.

    Is there something like a closing of the exercise?

    Should one stand longer on a spot to not appear "consistently entering and exiting their world"?

    (I like this posting about this star stepping)

    Best regards,

    1. Put your hands or attention on the lower dan tien if there is too much energy

    2. Dear InnerKnowlege,

      Yes. You are right. It is harmful to stop the exercise abruptly!

      If your energy is rising, then lower your posture and concentrate your chi into your dan tian.

      The 'spot' that does not feel OK is the spot of your weaknesses. Please pay attention to this spot or after the walk, sit and meditate at this spot and harmonize the energy.

      Indeed. There is an opening and closing exercise:

      Stand erect with both feet evenly spread at shoulder width.

      Imagine that you are in the centre of the universe...

      Breathe in and count 6 slowly, imagine the universe is squeezed into your dan tian...

      Hold the air in your dan tian and count another 6.

      Release the air while count 6.

      Hold with empty lung while count 6.

      Now, repeat the exercise for 24 times (implying 12 months).

      Perform stand meditation for 10 minutes to stabilize the chi.

      The above exercise is the opening and closing exercises to purge out our waste chi.

      If you perform the exercises correctly, you could smell the smell of food you eat 2 days ago... indicating waste air is out from your system.

      Of course, there are more tricks for further exercises.

      Good luck!

  2. Dear Arjan Liew,

    thank you for the further deepening of the method,
    I do appreciate this information.

    Best regards,

  3. Also you stepping straight forward or move right to left as you would walk windowsill ?

    1. Basically you step straight forward for the first 4 sentences, and then make a 'C' at the 5th and turn after the 7th sentence. This signifies the energy of the stars entering your body.