Monday, August 10, 2015

Getting Rid Of Rats In Dreams (化猫捕鼠)

My friend’s house is situated near the central wet market. As expected he is tormented by rats due to leftover foods in the rubbish dump. So he asked me if there is any magic to solve his predicament…

Well, actually there are many rituals out there! But the best is to get rid of rats with dream magic! Below is originally a dream magic meant for fun but it has proven its practicality. According to my Taoist master that if a person’s house is infested by mice, then he/she can transform his/her soul into a cat to chase away all mice.

The method is very simple:

First the person should draw the shape of a cat on a piece of yellow paper and then cut the shape out with scissors. Keep this paper cat in the drawer and wait for an appropriate day known as ‘the removal day’ (除日).

When everything is in order and before he/she goes to sleep, the person should hold the paper cat with his/her left/right hand and making the ‘sword mudra’ (剑指) with his/her right hand.

The person should recite the below mantra:


(Cat oh cat! The soul possesses me to kill these mice so that I can be victorious with this amazing super mantra!)

After reciting the mantra, the paper cat should be paste at one’s right waist before one sleeps. In this way the person’s soul will turn into cat and chase out any mice in his/her house. If this ritual can be performed regularly, then his/her house will be free from the torment of mice. Do you believe it or not?

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