Monday, August 10, 2015

Easy Life With Ngai Magic (鬼花无忧法)

Many people come to me wanting to learn about magic ritual that can make them rich free and easy.

Well, I don’t have a sure magic that can make a person rich as wealth is God given or if you believe in karma; then what one gets this life time is the resultant of what he/she did in his/her previous lives…

While I can’t guarantee anyone to get rich with magic, but there is a sure way that would make a practitioner to live in easy life the cheap way; a life free from mundane worries at least.

In order to get a worry free life, we have to look into Vietnamese Ngai magic for help… If and only if one is brave enough to perform the ritual:

If a magician wishes to have an easy life, then he/she can go to a sacred mountain to pray to the mountain spirits. He/she must meditate in the mountain until a vision or a dream hinting where to find a plant to bring home.

Once a hint is obtained, then the magician can go to the place with some food offerings and incense to pray before digging out the plant which may be a banana plant near a river, or a type of wild flower.

The magician should ideally plant the plant/flower in his/her house compound and take good care of the plant as if his own wife/husband. Everyday he/she should talk to the plant/flower and tell it his/her problems. The plants should be worshipped with incense and food offerings twice a month.

If the magician performs the ritual faithfully, then he/she should find that he/she might not get rich; he/she would certainly free from major illnesses and monetary problems. However, it the plant withered; then this would be an indication of bad lucks approaching. In this case, the magician should return to the scared mountain and asks the mountain spirits for assistance.

Another way to go about is to get just any ordinary plants such as gingers, lilies etc. and plant the plants on a grave of a recently deceased for about 100 days. Within this period, the magician must go to the grave to water the plant and perform chanting to ask the spirit of the grave to enter the plant. After 100 days, the dead soul should attach onto the plant and ready to be deployed.

My friend has problems with his staff and he wanted to kick the person out. So I gave him a haunted plant and his staff automatically resigned within one week’s time. Strangely, the plant suddenly vanished from the friend’s safekeeping before he was declared bankrupt. Strange but true!

Of course, this method is not for the faint hearted. Please don’t try if you are not ready to come face to face with spirits.

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