Monday, August 24, 2015

Incantations In Traditional Thai Medicine (古泰医必学咒语)

Now days, no one practically learn about incantations or ‘khata’ in Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) anymore. I think it is not complete to dismiss the spiritual sides of TTM and only goes for the physical treatment aspects. But it is not for me to advocate the use of incantations to general public although I personally use many of the ‘khata’ in treating my own illnesses with excellent results.

Instead of giving a list of ‘khata’, let us go over how these ‘khata’ are used.

For example:

A formula for preventing illnesses in winter such as flue, cough and digestive problems needs to grind the following herbs together:

·         Coriandrum Sativum (芫荽)
·         Holarrhena Antidysentiea Wall (止泻木)
·         Acorus Gramineus (菖蒲)
·         Momordica Charantia (野苦瓜)

The pulverized herbal formula is then consumed with Citrus Medica (佛手).

In old TTM, those herbs need to be empowered before hand with the below ritual:

First the guru is invoked to bless the healer and the patient with the below khata (abridged):

Wantiduwa sivasapati sipang tipamantaneng sindijaiyang palindumie (3x)

Then the king of herbs, in this case the Citrus Medica is invoked with the below khata:

Siddhigenjang siddhikan siddhigalatathagatang siddhi tejena ganmiena ahjaliyang namamihan! (3x)

And then the four ingredients above are empowered with the below khata:

Orkana mahakana orana maharana jijupengpan paya tiweinasiandhi soha!

Finally all of the herbs are again empowered to enhance their healing effects:

Satusuniantu panto sivate rukawana wasianto amasami sitisajatumie mamawenti! (3x)

Of course the TTM is not the only healing school using incantations, the Ayurveda, Taoist cults and Tibetan healing systems etc. also practise one kind of incantation or another. Perhaps we can explore other systems in future.

On the surface, it seems the above are mumbo jumbo to modern folks, but perhaps we have missed out the main point: we human are not made of just physical body. If we only treat our body and ignoring the spiritual sides; how then can we be healed completely? No wonder why modern folks suffer from so many incurable sicknesses! That is something for us to think about… 

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