Monday, August 17, 2015

Magic Are Essentially Black (黑巫术)

A dear friend sent me a message:

“A local Mau San master said- black magick can be used to treat a haunted house, or even a spellbound victim. As long as the intention of a magick practioner is positive, regardless white or dark forces are invoked…”

So what is my take?

My stand point is clear:

“All magic rituals are essentially black in nature.”

As a matter of fact, all major religions denounce the practice of magic regardless of how the magic is being used. The reason is simple: although spirits can be used to assist us in certain matters, they are not beings of pure light. These spirits have no reason to help us unless we have a pact with them and make offerings to them in the exchange of their service.

If we seek help from these ignorant spirits, then their karma would also affect us. As we also aware that spirits of lower realms carry with them bad karma and the longer they stay with us, then our luck and health would be affected. Religious teaching insisted that since the spirits have their own problems, then how can these problematic spirits assist us in boosting our life?

There is no reason why we should resort to magic ritual if our problems can also be tackled with standard religious rituals proper. Unless we want to have something that are not rightfully ours and the things we want is forbidden by religions. In such cases, it is certainly appropriate to use magic to satisfy our worldly lust. So, I say that all magic is black in nature as magic rituals are mainly used to satisfy our desires.

In that matter one can find many black magic elements in Mantrayana rituals if one has followed the SEA Translate Blog closely. Proponent calls these magic rituals to achieve worldly desires Kriya Yoga even though those rituals were not really passed down by the Buddha. In Kriya Yoga, black magic rituals are used as a means to learn about Buddha’s dharma for there is no good to talk about dharma if one is worry about his income or that his/her wife/husband is running away. Of course, I would not comment on the question if those rituals are indeed workable because those rituals only reflect local beliefs of that time. 

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