Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Magician’s Pure Land (合道归真)

I always think that the aim for magic is for the benefits of this life and the religions are for the next. Then and again, I could be wrong.

A magician of an unbroken lineage too has his/her final resting place similar to the Buddhist Pure Land or the western heaven. The only difference is that a magician’s pure land is more down-to-the-earth compared to the euphoric religious beautiful after life. As a whole, an Asian magician of credible lineage will return to his/her masters after the end of his/her life. I have consistently visited the kurba archan (Thai grand master’s) temple and see a lot of white shirt archans (masters) sitting under a giant gold Buddha statue. A step lower are all spirits once kept by previous masters. So I guess if continue with my Thai magic, I will end up at kurba archan’s place very soon.

On the other hand, I was also a practitioner of Taoist magic and was given a small hut by the lineage masters which is surrounded by plants and herbs in the Peach Blossom Cave (桃花洞). The sky is always pink in that cave and the grass is always green. The scene looks very much like what is depicted of the Buddha’s Pure Land without the presence of Buddha and bodhisattvas of course.

Maybe I am just dreaming, but both scenes are quite real that made me quite at ease as I know where would I be after the end of my life. To me, this is more assuring than the promises of heaven or pure land; at least my dreams were real enough and such dreams kept repeating now and then.

So I guess since so many people asked me on the purpose of doing magic, other than the standard answer of using magic for mundane purposes; the other point I would like to add is also for the magicians’ final resting too. Unfortunately, death and after life is seldom spoken about in many magic schools. I am sure the subject of after life is also part of curriculum in traditional wiccan schools.

The point I want to raise is that, a magician should receive some kind of visions about his/her after life matters from his/her masters. Without those assurances, this magician is not recognised as a member of the lineage; this life or the next. Of course, for many other magicians out there; they should step on their gases so that they shall not be alone during their journey to the next.

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