Friday, September 2, 2016

Contemplating The Source Of Magical Power (追寻魔力的根源)

To me, the source of all magical power comes from ‘respect’. People who do not respect others cannot enjoy the power of magic; at least I have not seen anyone who are arrogant and exorbitant enjoyed a peaceful life in any form of magic traditions.  

In Asian magic and other fields such as martial arts and artisans, especially the Thai traditions; the ‘waikru’ (teacher’s) ritual is of the most important.

The teacher’s ritual teaches us to be thankful and appreciate of our teacher’s generosity to part their knowledge to us. Of course if our teacher is still alive, then he/she will part his/her most secret knowledge to us now and then. However, if our teacher is no more with us and we remain our respect to him/her as it is; then have no doubt that the teacher’s blessing shall continue to pour to us in one way or another.

If we follow a proper magic lineage of any sort, East or West; our teacher would not only teach us just casting magic ritual alone. We will have to study herbal knowledges as well. In Thai traditions, there are ways and time on when a particular sort of herb should be collected and preserved. Modern folks would just scorn at those herbal knowledges as obsolete and irrelevant; but I would look at the wisdom of old as a type of ‘respect’ to our mother nature. For the more respect we have to the herbal ‘gift’ of our mother nature, the more ‘feedbacks’ our mother nature will return to us.

In another respect, haven’t you already noticed that an arrogant person however rich he/she may be will not have a tranquil and safe life? It is precisely that the act of disrespect to the mother nature that has blocked the messages from mother nature reached us. In this sense, I personally do not believe in the punishment of God… But it is rather we are punished by our own arrogance and ignorance.

I had to put my case this way because so many people said practising magic is superstitious in this modern days where the only real thing is the smart phones and the Pokemon Go game; and the dazzling world of entertainments. The fact is: if you have practise magic for over 10 years and reap no benefits at all, and that you are from an unbroken lineage; then there must be something very wrong to your practice.

If you still don’t believe my words, and that you are suffering now in this life; then chances are that you have not treated your old parents well. Go back and treat your old parents well and you shall enjoy a period of tranquil life. If none of your parents is around, then pray for his/her forgiveness continuously as long as you live; then your life shall be relatively peaceful too (if you perform this continuously).

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