Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rachael’s Story (女明星的故事)

If you think of going into entertainment industry, then you should listen to what Rachael had to say first. Rachael was a movie star far from making fame for more than 20 years. According to her, perhaps out of 100 persons, only 1 to 2 will make it to the top and the rest would be lost and forgotten in time. And Rachael was one of those majority that could hardly make her ends meet until she decided to do something else. Being once a small time star, Rachael tried all her efforts to make herself known but most of the time, she was only given supporting roles in movies making.

There was one role in a movie that made Rachael finally decided to quit her acting career. It was a movie about a drown ghost seeking revenge and finally Rachael was given a substantial role to act as the drown ghost. Although Rachael didn’t like to act in ghost movies, she had no choice as she was fed up with all her other small roles; perhaps acting ghost movie for once could bring up her name in the local silk screen.

There was only one thing that disturbed Rachael: she hates water! Naturally, in a movie about drown ghost; there are scenes about drowning or there would be no drown ghost. In order to make the movie more realistic, the film director have chosen an abandoned tin mine pool near KL that was notorious about drowning. So the time for shooting was set and the film crews went to the site accordingly.

Just as when Rachael was about to dip herself into the pool, suddenly a series of siren sounds of police car and ambulance was heard. The siren came from far and gradually moved towards the film crews; and finally halted at about 100m away from the location of the shooting. Some of the crews including Racheal went to the place where police car and ambulance stopped. There they first smelt the foul odour of decaying flesh and then the saw a dead male body flowing face down in the water.

Rachael and the gang were stopped by policemen standing guard so they decided to return the filming site to continue with their work. As recalled by Rachael, she was very reluctant to continue with the film shooting as she was afraid of becoming the next drown person in the pond. So she made a special request to the film director that she wanted two life guards standing by in the pool just in case she should have any problems; or Rachael would not continue with the film shooting.

After some heated arguments, the film director finally found two tough young men to stand in the water around Racheal. That had certainly solved Racheal’s emotional problem but the shooting wasn’t proceeding too smoothly. First, the camera jammed and could not function, then the voice recorder could not record voice and the batteries suddenly went flat. Lastly, the giant umbrella that was used to shelter the director suddenly toppled and stroke the director’s head.

A series of problems led the director to stop the shooting momentarily and he quickly despatched his crews to buy some foods and incense as offerings to whatever spirits were there. Strangely speaking, after the simple prayers; all of the equipment function as normal.

At last, off Racheal went into the water and the required actions were filmed. After the last shooting, Racheal turned her back and thanked the two life guards for their service. As a gesture of curtesy, Racheal asked both gentlemen: “I supposed you are life guards working around here?”

Surprisingly, both of the gentlemen replied: “What life guards? We are morgue workers who just picked up the dead body nearby. Your director asked us standing by so that we would not need to travel twice!”

Racheal almost hearing the last words. And the movie was the last one she had taken part of. Interestingly speaking, the ghost movie never hit the silver screen because the movie production was facing with financial crisis. Having said that, poor Racheal was never paid!

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