Thursday, September 22, 2016

Did You See What I Saw? (又看见了?)

I can sometimes see ghosts and this gives me a problem as I would think twice of what I see if the one stands in front of me is a real person or a spirit. My brother in dharma is more powerful as he claimed to be able to see and distinguish a ghost from a man. Of course, I don’t doubt his ability.

Both of us studied under a Tibetan master or Rinpoche. Our guru used to perform Buddhist rituals and ‘phowa’ (transference of consciousness) services for anyone who requests for such services. Now such jobs are normally taken over by the master’s disciples as our master is not always stationed in the dharma centre; for he needs to take care of many dharma centres around the world too. Looks like Tibetan Buddhist centres are a big international business.

Anyway, this was one of such occasion that the master was out of town and there was an urgent request for a blessing ceremony to be carried out for a sick patient; and so happened that my bro, Tan and I were the persons on duty that week. So we made some preparations and off we went to the requestor’s house.

The blessing ceremony was to carry out after dinner to bless Lee and his recently recovered old mom.

After we have made arrangements, the ritual started off at 7pm sharp. We chanted and sprinkled holy water around the house and suddenly I saw a row of ‘men-in-white’ walked straight into the living room. Since I was performing the ritual, I could only veer the ‘men’ or ‘things’ with my eyes as it is not proper to turn my head in the middle of ritual performance. But I could feel them moving around quietly around the house and us and then exited the house in a fairly quiet manner too.

At the end of the blessing ritual, we threw flowers and tied five colour cords on Lee and his mom’s wrists. Then the ceremony was officially ended. The first thing I asked my bro was: “Did you see what I saw?”

My bro-in-dharma nodded solemnly and said: “Yes. I did. Those were ghosts meant to fetch the old lady’s soul to where she belonged to. Perhaps the old lady’s days are numbered and we should perform a phowa service for her soul to depart too…”

As both of us were lamenting the fate of the would be departing old lady, Lee came to us with a ‘red packet’ (money) and in an apological manner he said:

“Thank you for your service. We feel much better now… My apologies on behalf of my friends from disturbing. They just completed they dharma practice in a Theravada Buddhist Temple nearby and they just want to pay my mom a visit…”

On hearing Lee’s words, both of us stood dumfounded for a long time. None of us wanted to look into each other’s face for fairly long time too. After the incident, we just keep our big mouth shut about our ability to see ghosts. If you are interested in old lady’s fate? Well, she is now around 90 and going strong…

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