Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Message From The Joker (小丑的信息)

If I am not mistaken, there are 52 plus 2 cards in a deck of poker. The plus two cards are the ‘joker’ cards which are not normally used and discarded… well, in normal gambling circumstances.

Do you know that this ‘joker’ is evil and it may attract spirits especially during the witching hour (12 midnight to 3 a.m.)?

There are many unwritten games to call upon this joker during midnight, this is just one of the many. But before I go on, please be warned that this is a psychologically dangerous game for there were people became mentally ill after playing this game. So don’t try it if you have a weak heart for I shall not be held responsible on whatever results that may have.

To play this game, you will need a deck of poker with the joker. Shuffle through the cards and then select a card and put it further in front of you as shown in the picture above while saying: “Joker, joker, where are you?”. Then, take another card and put it on the front left side and say the slogan again. Repeat the process until the ‘joker’ appeared in one of the location or until all 5 points are placed with a card each.

If the joker card did not appear on any of the locations, then there is no spirit around you. You may repeat the game if you so wish desires but as a rule, it is best not to exceed 5 tries every time or very bad things may happen if not immediately. I have a friend who fainted while playing this game in a haunted house. He claimed to have seen a white shadow flew across his head after gotten the joker card.

For the brave hearted ones, if the ‘joker’ card falls on the ‘far’ point, that means a spirit is still far away from you and you are relatively safe. However, if the joker falls on the ‘together’ point; then a spirit is already possessing you. So it is best to reverse the game by sending the spirit off. Having said so, if the ‘joker’ cannot be seen after the first try; that means the spirit is very reluctant to leave. In this case, you may repeat the game for a further 4 times. After that, it is my advice to seek professional help if the spirit still refuses to help.

On the same matter, cards with numbers 1 to 10 can be coded individually as how you like.

The ‘J’ means ‘you will get a message soon.”

The ‘Q’ means a female spirit that is around but it does not want to participate in your game.

The ‘K’ means a male spirit that doesn’t like to join your game.

Further, the colour ‘red’ means a benevolent one and ‘black’ refers to a malevolent spirit.

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