Monday, September 12, 2016

The Human Centric Deliverance Rituals (做给人看的超度)

If you have psychic eyes, then you would agree with me that most of those religious deliverance ritual out there are made for real living human to see. While the grieved relatives of the deceased may be contented and satisfied with paid religious deliverance services for their love ones; the dead souls remain lost and bewildered in the eyes of a psychic. For most of the time, the newly died souls could only stared helplessly at their funeral services where pastors, monks or Taoists performed prayer to send the dead souls to the heaven.

The irony here is that after a night or a few nights of huh-hah until the deceased are buried or cremated, the dead souls still stood helplessly in the funeral service hall for days. What the dead souls really need is just someone to point them the door to the other side. Of course, for that someone to point the recently dead to the proper doors, that someone must be able to physically ‘see’ the dead. Sorry to say, 99% of those holy folks cannot see the dead souls; and the remaining 1% does not perform deliverance services.

When my grandma passed away at the aged of 86, I saw her soul dancing happily around her coffin while some Taoists continued to perform the ‘hell breaking’ ceremony. Perhaps I was the only one who saw grandma’s soul jumping around. I couldn’t blame her for she was in wheel chair for a decade or so and she loved travelling when she was alive but her legs couldn’t help her to fulfil her wish.

Of course, the Taoist’s hell breaking ceremony didn’t help at all for my grandma’s soul still lingered amongst her family members and at times passing some lucky numbers; which were quite accurate so to speak. My aunt could have a small fortune now and then. Perhaps when granny’s soul has enjoyed enough, I just point her to the light free-of-charge.

On other occasion, I saw a master performed ‘phowa’ services (consciousness transfer) for a deceased disciple. And while the master shouted a few times to send off the dead soul; it remained beside the master without going anywhere. After the end of the ritual, this proud master claimed that the soul of his beloved disciple has gone to Amitabah’s pure land. Of course, I didn’t want to be a wet blanket to remind this proud master that his dead disciple still follows him to date. After all, who am I to talk to a well-trained master?

In another occasion, I attended the funeral service of a deceased Christian friend. I saw the pastor saying prayers to ask the dead soul to rest-in-peace as “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” stuffs; the dead soul stood beside its coffin staring at its face of dead. It looked like the dead soul wasn’t really to rest-in-peace and only to be revived during the Judgment Day to me. Again, I am no busy body. So, I just let the dead soul to think about what it wanted to do next.

Personally, I am not interested to know if a dead soul is delivered for as a magician, I need some potential souls to serve me. But on the humanitarian side, as long as the dependents of the deceased think that the paid deliverance service has the right value for money; my mouth is sealed.

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