Saturday, September 10, 2016

Magician’s View On Intermediate State (法师眼中的中有)

When we are born, we are normally well being taken care of. This is not the case when we are going for our final journey.

Religions have a lot of advices but all those are just irrelevant in my eyes. For each of us is a unique entity with own dynamic personalities.

I am not in a position to discuss on if a soul would go for a reincarnation or it would go to heaven or hell; but I can roughly discuss on where one’s soul would be during this period between death and the next. Forgive me as no psychic eyes can see through the mystery realm of reincarnation.

As far as my experience goes, a dead soul will never leave the intermediate state if it thinks it has something to do. For example, if this dead soul likes to play computer games; then it will engage in rounds of computer games days and nights until it finally feels tired and wants to move on. Once this dead soul has this idea, its surrounding would turn dark and in most cases; it would be led through a door and enter into the next realm.

My late aunt died about 2 decades ago just one year short of her retirement. She had a very bad marriage life and her only wish was to travel around the world. It was sad that my aunt couldn’t fulfil her dream while she was alive. So for many times and many years after my aunt has passed away, I had some vivid dreams of my aunt travelled to many places and she seemed to be very happy on each occasion. I could still remember that my aunt waved at me at a train station in US during one of my dreams. The last dream I had about my aunt was that I accompanied my aunt to a big hall with many doors. There was a notice on one of the doors. While I stopped and read the notice, my aunt proceeded to open the door and entered. I could see white light came out from the hall; but I was somehow barred from going into the door. This was when I woke up from my dream. I have not had any dreams about my aunt since then. Maybe my aunt is reincarnated. I could only guess.

My father died about a decade ago. When he was alive, my dad likes to travel and exercise. So for a period of 10 years or so, I used to see my dad playing badminton or jogging in the Lake Garden in my dreams. My dad also always brought me around to various places during some of the dreams. Interestingly speaking, although I know where I was; the surrounding was always dark as the journeys were almost always at night. The last time I dreamed of my dad was that I sent him across a bridge, and he walked to the other end but I somehow halted before stepping on the bridge. Perhaps that too indicated that my dad has passed over to the other side or being reincarnated.

Yet many years later, one of my buddies whom I would like to call him as Beng. Beng was an alcoholic and a womanizer. Beng used to visit pubs for drinks and prostitutes on most Friday nights. As far as I know, Beng would only return to his home at 3am after intoxicated with alcohol. Unfortunately, after one of the happy hours; he met with a freak accident and died on the spot. One week after Beng’s death, I was walking past one of Beng’s favourite bars and saw a familiar silhouette in front of me. Due to curiosity, I followed the stranger into the pub and after searching for a while, my eyes fixed at one corner. There I saw Beng was sitting in the corner drinking while hugging two pretty ladies. I knew it was Beng’s ghost.

After the encounter, I had a few more encounters with Beng’s ghost at night in pubs downtown. Six months later, I saw Beng’s spirit again outside of a pub. This time his head stooped and he looked sad. So, I approached Beng and asked him:

Me: “Oh Beng! Why are you here? Shouldn’t you somewhere else?”

Beng: “It’s you Liew… I am bored. Although I enjoyed drinks and ladies; no one talks to me. I just repeat drinking and womanizing days and nights and all these are getting mechanical and torturing. I want out! Can you help?”

Me: “I can send you off but I won’t know where will you go next.”

Beng: “Okay. Anything is better than this.”

So, I did a short deliverance ritual and Beng’s spirit was sent off. I have not seen Beng since the ritual.

Based on my previous experiences, perhaps I could conclude that as long as a dead soul can hold its euphoric state for all eternity; then it already staying in its ‘Pure Land’. Incidentally, the concept of Pure Land is simply based on maintaining a state of mind for as long as possible. But this is easy said than done as our mind in dynamic. Hence, I don’t think anyone will stay in any sort of Pure Land for a very long time.

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