Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Consciousness Affects Intermediate State (意识决定中有期)

Intermediate state in this context refers to ghosts. As a matter of fact, there is no ‘ghost’ in Buddhism but only ‘intermediate being’. Of course, it is not my intention to discuss Buddhist doctrine in depth here. My interest is to bring up a light discussion on how the state of consciousness affects the duration of intermediate state of a living being in all practical aspects.

If you have noticed, Buddhist teaching of higher order such as the Great Perfection put much emphasis on keeping our awareness sharp at all times. A Great Perfection practitioner must keep his/her awareness sharp without causing too much tension on his/her mind. This is synonym to making string out of cotton: if one pulls the cotton with too much force, then the cotton string would snap. So it is especially important to keep an attentive mind during one’s dying process or the person may miss his/her one and the only chance to achieve enlightenment this life.

No master will tell you this fact: the state of mind affects one’s intermediate state!

It is through my own experience to see countless of subjects in the field to come out with this conclusion. If a person keeps his/her alertness during his/her dying process; then the duration of his/her intermediate state would be fairly short. As the teaching goes, a Mahamudra master can stay in the state of pure light for 7 days before moving to the other side.

An ordinary people would normally stay in the intermediate state somewhere between 7 weeks to a few years. My late aunt and pa stayed for about 10 years while my late grandma stayed until today.

If a person died in unconscious state, then his/her intermediate state would be very long. For the dead soul would need first to regain its consciousness to make sense of what had happened to it; and then to put 1 + 1 together. This may take a few decades to hundreds of years. Those poor souls that fall into this category included the one who died of drug overdose and those ones who died in freak accidents or those who committed suicides.

The souls that have the longest intermediate state are those who have mental disorders including the mentally depressed. It is very difficult to cure a person with mental disorders; it is twice as difficult for their lost souls to regain their state of mind. Without a stable mind and consciousness, on one can save them.

I would have guessed the reason for those unconscious souls to have exceedingly long intermediate state is due to their own confused minds trying to make sense of what had happened to them. In my past capacity as a magician who plough the housing estates looking for dead souls to work with, I have many opportunities to examine the mental states of those lost souls.

One of the lady soul that I did come across in Penang who fell to her death after taking drugs many years ago is still in a confused state today. It would repeatedly fall down from the balcony where she fell from every month. Likewise, if one is a psychic, then he/she can see many lost souls wandering along state highways trying to figure out what had happened to them. In case you are not aware, dead souls resulted from untimely deaths would lost their memories. This is the same as when a person has a brain concussion, he/she would lose part or all of his/her memories either momentarily or permanently.

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