Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beware Of Religious Conman (谨防宗教骗子)

First let me iterate that there is no single formula to success in entertainment industry. Of course the general criteria including but not limited to: the person must be tall, slim, handsome/pretty, having a fair complexion etc. But most of all, he/she should also have a very good luck too! Unfortunately speaking, now days with so many talent search shows around; so many young talents are discovered and continue to be discovered every year. With so many singers, musicians and actors flooding the market to grab just a few places in the market; many of those talented people would be deadly desperate to find their way out. And one of the many cheaper ways to make an artist popular is to seek help from supernatural or religion.

I post this passage on behalf of Racheal who had struggled as an actress for a great many years. This is her real experience meant to be a lesson for all others who seek fame and fortune in the dazzling world of entertainment.

When Racheal just came out as a new actress following a talent search, she thought only the sky is the limit; only if she worked hard and success and money shall be hers. But after many years of struggling, Racheal found herself in financial difficulty and hardly could make her ends meet. In her own words: “Even a bagger in the street earns much more than I!” It was during this time that Racheal’s buddy, Mary who was another actress recommended Racheal to a Taoist temple. According to Mary the Taoist in that particular temple worships fox spirits and the spirits are very powerful; they can help Racheal to gain popularity in the industry.

So, Racheal took Mary’s advice and started to visit the temple about once every fortnight. At first, Racheal just prayed to the fox spirits for good business and after a while; her acting career seemed to gain momentum. Racheal started to get more acting opportunities thought all her roles were relatively minor. As Racheal’s confident with the temple’s fox spirits grew, she visited the Temple more often and eventually she got acquainted with the Taoist in-charge, Chew.

After a few more visits, Chew told Racheal that if she wanted to excel in her acting career, she must get some ‘special’ empowerment from the fox spirits. Since Racheal’s career has seen some improvement after her visits to the temple, she agreed to Chew’s suggestion and started her ‘special’ empowerment process.

At first, the so-called ‘empowerment’ was only inscription of cryptic symbols on the hands, arms and face with cinnabar powder. Perhaps it was a coincidence, Racheal’s opportunities increased further more. Such sudden career development has strengthened Racheal’s confident with Chew. Then during a visit to Chew’s temple, Chew suggested Racheal to receive a ‘further’ empowerment so that the fox spirits can possess her body more permanently.

In order to do this empowerment, Racheal must first take off all her clothes so that Chew could write on Racheal’s body. Such suggestions had stunned Racheal as she came from a relatively conservative family and exposing herself in front of a stranger was the last thing in her mind. So Racheal excused herself and locked herself in toilet. She quickly called Mary and asked if Mary knew about this ‘special’ empowerment. Surprisingly Mary’s replied was: “It is okay. I have done that before.”

Still feeling insecure, Racheal called her boyfriend and asked him to standby just in case. So her boyfriend said: “I will go to the temple with a couple of friends. If you need help, just send me a message ‘HELP’ and we will come to your rescue…”

After Racheal got assurance from her boyfriend, she returned to Chew and agreed to receive his special ‘empowerment’.

On hearing Racheal’s decision, Chew asked Rachael to take a bath and then lay in a bed naked. With some hesitation, Racheal complied. Then it was Chew’s turn to take a bath. At this point, Racheal took out her phone and typed the word ‘HELP’ just in case. To Racheal’s horror, Chew emerged from the bathroom naked. Panicked, Racheal shouted at Chew: “What do think you want to do?”

Chew replied: “Just treat me as your boyfriend. It will be over pretty soon…”

It was at this moment that Racheal sent the ‘HELP’ message and in a jiffy, a few macho and hairy guy rushed into the room and pushed Chew to a corner. Racheal’s boyfriend asked Chew: “What do you think you are doing!?”

Chew repeated: “I was about to do the empowerment…”

Before Chew could finish the words, he was beaten up and eventually chased out from the area.

In this case, Racheal was a lucky one as she could seek help pretty fast. However, I know many people are not so lucky. So the best way is not to trust that anyone can make you rich or lucky. There is no magic in this world can make you a superstar! You can fight hard but eventually you have to think if your sacrifice to your struggle worth all your effort to do so. This posting is done on Racheal’s request for those unwary ones.

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