Saturday, September 9, 2017

Magic That Works (有效的法术)

Many authors claimed that the magic rituals in their books work like a charm but the fact is that if you sincerely follow all of them faithfully; none of those super power rituals work.

Personally, I think in order to make magic work; there a few criterias that a person must satisfy:

First, he must know what is reality and what is not.

Simple? Well, not so...

Let me elaborate:

If a person lost his smartphone either due to negligence or being stolen, then depending on his next course of action: he can either lodge a police report, post his problems in social medias or forget about the phone.

It is only after this person has exhausted his worldly efforts that he can turn to magic for supplementary help.

Now the fact is that no one can guarantee that the person's phone can be found. The police certainly will try their best and if the victim is a magician; he will have an edge.

Like police, spirits cannot guarantee that the person can get back his original phone. But they will work beyond the law enforcement agency and give you something in return over time.

It may take a few years that this victim suddenly got a windfall and given another smartphone. In this case, no police officers would give you a compensation on what you have lost  I supposed?

So, Rule 1: 

You will get something in time if you do your part.

Next, many people like to talk the talk but they never walk the talk.

I used to spent many hours answering long winded long distance calls to guide someone back to track on his business. But this guy just like to 'talk about it' and lazy to 'do what was necessary'.

For example: You cannot run your pizza outlet by spending hours in the phone and expect customers to flock into your outlet to order pizza without doing any physical improvements.

So, Rule 2: 

You must walk the talk.

Many people feel that it is sinful to practise magic. So, they added many religious icons into their magic rituals.

This is a BIG mistake because magic rituals are meant to resolve an issue at hand. If you are a butcher and you ask the Buddha for help, what would be the answer you will get?

So, Rule 3:

Leave any religious icons out. There are places where you will need religious teachings but not at this moment please.

This is yet another common mistakes people like to make: they just put out a request to the spirits and expect the spirits to do human bidding.

This is not the case as spirits don't really know what you want and they are not obliged to work for you. The best way is to 'work' and 'train' the spirits so that they can assist you.

For example: I like to go into jungle and look for herbs. It is nearly impossible for me to search the maiden jungle for what I want. So the help of jungle spirits is a must. It normally take me 10 times in and out of jungle before I get what I want.

So, Rule 4: 

You can make a request to spirits but you must also get your hands dirty.

Of course there are other rules as well but I would just stop at these 4 rules. If you believe in magic and follw the 4 rules, I can promise you that even you didn't get what you want, you will not be disappointed at the end of the day.

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