Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ms Secretary Vs Dr No (秘书对医生)

If you still recall that in modern behavioral science, people can roughly be categorized into two categories: 'doer' and' thinker'. The question now is: 

What happens if you put a 'doer' with a 'thinker'? 

If you want to know, the answer is that they will physically KILL each other. Now let me tell you a true story...

For a very long time I haven't received any long winded calls but this law was broken twice lately and all calls were from Ms Lulu whom I knew very many years ago. Both calls were so long that they lasted for about 2 hours and the system automatically cut in to disconnect the calls... but new calls continued for another half an hour or so.

It was a hot afternoon and I was quite drowsy and my phone rang. I answered the call and a familiar voice came from the other end:

"Do you know who am I?" 

"Of course, how can I forget. You are Lulu the almighty company secretary!" I answered.

Carefully, I asked: "Since our last quarrel... What can I do for you?"

Lulu: "Can you still remember the astrology chart you done for me? It is inaccurate!!"

Me: "Tell me about it..."

Lulu: "Well, last year I was introduced to Dr No from HK. We communicated for a few months and he disappeared for 6 months and then wanted to reconcile. Then I found out that he has LIED to me and after some arguments, the Dr No sent me a sarcastic email to end the relationship and I retaliated with another..."

Me: "Well... I said you will have an 'opportunity' and the 'opportunity' did come didn't it?"
Lulu: "I hate anyone to lie to me and this no good doctor is a complete swindler! I want to see him suffer!!"

Me: "Hang on Lulu... You both just got to know for less than one year and how can you deduce that this Dr No has lied to you? Although you are lovers, he must have his privacy also... Did you manage to talk to him personally?"

Lulu: "Fxxk! I am always busy you know handling those big bosses. I have no time to talk to Dr No during the day so I asked him to call me after 8pm Malaysian time... but he said that he was too tired back in HK due to different time zone..."

Me: "Well, from what I can see... Lulu, you shoot up like a 400mph bullet train to start and end a relationship in one months... and the good old Dr No took 7 months to consider if he wanted the relationship. If you hold on to your horses, you might just saved this relationship! I can't help you now..."

Lulu: "I want him to suffer what he deserved..."

Of course, I am not going to tell you the whole of the conversation as Lulu's words of revenge still echoing in my ears.

So, what is the problem here? 

Based on Lulu's account, my judgement would be simply a mismatch of communications of two very different characters. The problems lie in the highly impatient control freak secretary versus a super slow respond Dr No over a few thousands of nautical miles.

But seriously, pay extra attention if your girlfriend is a teacher or a secretary to a company boss. Unless you are of those obedient type; find another partner for your peace of mind in many years to come...

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