Monday, September 25, 2017

Beware Of Tummo Syndrome (拙火症候群)

It brought to my attention that many of people who tried to practise the Tibetan Anuttara Tantra tummo exercises suffered from the so-called 'tummo syndrome'. Unfortunately these group of people has no one to guide them and I hope they can ride trough their problems.

Tummo syndrome is not recorded in any of the Tibetan texts and very few masters will ever tell you. Too bad that not many masters even master the technique of tummo or psychic heat themselves.

The occurrence of tummo syndrome is when the rising fire filled a person's head and the heat has no where to disperse to the whole body. The initial symptoms are headache, insomnia and feeling uneasy all the time. Gradually, the person will start to hallucinate and hearing things. In long run, not only this person's health will be affected, he/she may also suffer from mental depression. Worse, he/she may be treated as crazy.

The cause of blockage of energy in one's head is due to over concentration during meditation. This is a common mistake for beginners who wanted to push their progress in order to achieve certain 'signs of accomplishments'.

On the other hand, tummo syndrome can also happened to those office workers who are constantly under tremendous pressures. The over stressed body produces excess heat and this heat normally accelerates the upward air in our body towards the head.

So, it is natural that you will feel head ache, dry eyes and restless after a day's work in your office. In long run, the stagnant heat will also accumulate in your heart and causing heart burnt as well.

Another group of folks tends to be affected by tummo syndrome is those young men being too engross in magical things especially the Thai magic. The thing is that once we concentrate our mind feel tense and heat will be generated and gathered in our body.

Through long period of meditation and visualization, more and more heat energy accumulated inside a youngster's body and since Thai magical items generates negative energies, more and more heated negative energy accumulated and moves up the head.

At this point, if such negative energy is being channel out; it will affect the young man's behavior. And this person will start talking something very strange and negative. You will see a lot of these folks around you.

It is not difficult to cure tummo syndrome.

The best way is to do outdoor meditative walk in a jungle with fresh air or in a small stream with clear water so that the excess heat energy can be drained off or 'grounding' in Western term.

One can also lie flat face upwards in a 'corpse position' imagining that all of the excess energy is being drained to the ground.

It is sufficient to perform 'grounding' once a week or when you feel there is a need. Also avoid any magic or meditative practices during the grounding period or you will not see much effect.

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