Friday, September 22, 2017

Thank You Seafood (感谢师父)

Religion beliefs to many are console of the heart and enhances the relaxation of body and mind.Generally speaking,people would not interfere on what others' beliefs are...

So said, a man from Taiwan was indignant that his girlfriend consistently spoke about her 'seafood' (sifu) and hence exposed his problem in a facebook page: 'Anti-MiaoChan' (反妙禅).

This is what he has said:

"Miaochan has taken away my girlfriend whom I have known for many years. It is my heartiest advise that you should not let your love ones be brainwashed!"

This gentleman has also posted his conversation with his ex:

At first, his girlfriend asked when the man would visit the center again. He however advised the ex that there were rumors about her master being a fake, and he hoped his ex would consider not to attend.

On hearing those words, the ex was furious and scolded him: "You rather believe in rumors instead of me?"

The lady further added that her master is a 'living Buddha' and continued to persuade the man to give it a try.

But the man insisted that he didn't like the environment at the place and that he was extremely tired right after work.

The ex learnt of the man's mind and said: "I am disappointed that you cannot respect my belief."

Then the lady said if she were to choose, she would choose her master over her boyfriend.

The man think that his ex has reached such a fanatic stage so much so that the lady attributed everything to the grace of her master even up to the extend of making loves. His ex shouted: "Thank you for the grace of sifu' (感恩師父). He scolded furiously: "I am the one who had worked hard! Not your SEAFOOD!"

Of course, this lady still adamant that the pleasure was due to the 'grace of her sifu.

After the men's plight was exposed in the net, many people cannot agree with the ex's behaviors. Some of the comments:

"She is obsessively crazy, if her 'seafood' gone to heaven, would she follow?"

"She even thinks of sifu during making love,I disappointingly laughed. Let her go if you will, since she only thinks of her sifu, she would not have any partner."

"He misunderstood the lady! She shouted thanking the grace of sifu due to extreme comfort! She was just praising in comfort!"

Laugh if you may, but when this happens to you; what would you do?

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