Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Introducing Buddhist Diet N Medicine

There is so much talk about magic. I will now switch some of my efforts to discuss about Buddhist medicine etc.

It is very difficult to have a comprehensive coverage about Buddhist diets and medicine in a single blog. So, I will just share on what I have.

There are three major schools in Buddhism: Tantric, Mahayana and Hinayana. Each school has developed quite a different way in theory, illness treatments and diet requirements. Generally speaking, Buddhist medicine is heavily influenced by Ayurveda with some localized folk medicine added in.

I will try to explore mainly theories, herbs, mantras, herbal formula and treatment methods mainly pertaining to Thai medicine with some materials on Tibetan medicine and others. There are many mistakes that I have yet to find time to correct them so please be caution that when you refer to the materials.

Mantras and plant names are recorded from the mouth of those masters who taught me orally and then recorded down. So, for most of the part; I don't know the exact meaning and pronunciation. Other than that, this blog can be boring and not suitable for general reading.

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