Sunday, September 10, 2017

Enough Is Enough (适可而止)

People who practised magic in Asia tends to over casting magic or curses. A good example is that a magician would put a 'flying needle' curse followed by a 'soul catching' ritual, and then another another rounds of bad luck curses to a person.

If that is not enough, he would then curse the victim's wife, his son, daughter, siblings, mother, father, grandparents, great grandparents and even the ancestors...

Of course, I am not going to preach if all those death wishes would take effect to his opponents; or would I want to give an ethical or any sort of religious advice because it is his right to do so in his own place and time.

To say this bluntly, multiple curses seldom work but if the person can release some hatred energy inside him, than it would be good for him to do so and move on with his life.

However, if this person made an open curse, then he would face the consequences very soon. He maybe sued in the court of law or be beaten up or boycott by his community.

Personally, I seldom have the stamina to throw more than one curse at one time; and my hatred only lasts for a few hours. To me, it is enough just to throw a curse once to make it a point. It would be up to the spirits to carry out the curse if they so wish desired to do so.

Many people came to me wanting me to perform curses on their business competitors because they believe that those business rivals spread rumors to harm their booming business.

Although there are indeed many rituals that can harm those who made false remarks, I would just advise those victims just to hold on to their grounds and make use of social medias as platform to expand their businesses.

In such a way, customers who do not believe in those slender will come forward to those victims to seek clarifications directly over the intranet. Normally, over a short period of time the slender will subside by themselves. 

Even MagicSEA is a consistently a target of slandering remarks but the blog stays on to provide postings until to date.

So, the best method to handle rumors or gossips is to clarify in your own right and ignore the rumors because false news will never stand the test of time.

While staying on the same topic, Taoists, Buddhists and Thai magicians like to keep many statues. I have visited many fellow magicians who had installed so many statues until there is no room to walk.

Contrary to the common belief, it is not the more the merrier to have multiple statues. I have migraine when I see a place crammed inside a small room. Not only the air circulation is bad, those toxic gases and dusts accumulated over time cannot be cleaned. 

Actually, one statue is sufficient for those statue worshipers. In Thai magic, you will only need one statue of lersi which represents your lineage gurus. The spirits only recognize your lineage gurus and nothing else. The addition of a statue of other kinds will divert your guardian spirits' attention and attract other wandering spirits.

I have met many folks who would cast magic rituals willfully and this must be checked too. For you cannot curse a person whom has declined your love and then put a death curse on him or her. 

Perhaps the person you love now is not your soul partner? There are very bad consequences if two unrelated persons are forced together. I remember that I have told a story of a lady who loved a man but the man was not interested.

The woman somehow cast a love spell on the man and they finally married.

After a few years, the woman met another guy and wanted to be with this new love. But her husband wasn't ready to get a divorce. So, one day this jealous hubby splashed some strong acid on the woman's pretty face and her life was destroyed completely.

In short, you can do what you wish with magic but enough is really enough while the condition still looks good.

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