Thursday, September 7, 2017

Flora And Fauna In Thai Magic (暹术的动植物)

Many people came to me wanting to learn Thai magic. But after a fairly short while, they gave up as these disappointed folks said that they cannot feel the 'power'. 

Of course, I couldn't blame them as most of those people just wanted money and they want to satisfy their lust.

Little had people known that Thai magic actually belongs to 'natural magic' category. So, if you don't like animals or plants or both, then you will not go very far with Thai magic.

Thai magicians keep animals and plants for various reasons. 

Animals are kept either in a magician's house or in the wild. Of course, by animals I also mean insects too. Animals can be used in many ways. For example: a dog can be used to guard the house and it can also be used to physically attack and kill a person. Bees too are another potent weapons to kill an enemy.

Other than that, animals such as fishes can be used to act as a 'magical shield' against psychic attacks from another magicians or from other harmful spirits. If a magician's aquarium fishes died of no apparent reasons, then they are deemed to have absorbed those negative energies from unknown sources.

I personally keep many tropical fishes. From time to time some fishes would suddenly had a color change and died a few days later. The dying of fishes normally followed after I returned from some dangerous trips and shed some blood during the journey.

Likewise to dogs too. I don't keep dogs but my fellow magicians do. One of my friend Arjan Chang kept a few black dogs. During one time his dogs died one after another annually but Arjan Chang didn't take any heed as our master didn't tell us to take precautions. 

After Arjan Chang's last hound died, he decided not to continue keeping dogs. But after one year lapsed without being accompanied by a dog, Arjan Chang suddenly vomited out a large quantity of blood and dropped dead.

Our master later found out that Arjan Chang's dead was due to black curses that had backfired. If Arjan Ching had kept pets of any sort, then the pets would have absorbed those backfired energy and die in place of their master.

That is a hard lesson learnt that your masters may not tell you, or it is just too trivial to let you know...

Other than for protection, animal parts and blood are also potent magical ingredients.

So, if you don't like animals; it is not likely that you can go very far in Thai magic.

Plants on the other hand, are mainly used for healing and in some instances, for casting magic pending on individual lineages. For example, certain ginger species are normally used to cure cold. They can also be used to invoke spirits for protection or curses.

I once used a ginger rhizome to chase away a stubborn tenant. Once I rented my house to a guy but after the contract expired, he refused to move out. Since he was a gangster head; I didn't want to offend him. So, instead of confronting him directly, I planted a small ginger rhizome opposite of the house.

As the ginger grew, the person started to see problems in his life. Until one day, the ginger plant was somehow dug out and devoured by a strayed dog. 

Not long after the incident, the gangster head was seriously injured in a road accident when he tried to avoid a police arrest.

Hence, knowledge of flora and fauna is very important in mastering Thai magic. Just a catch though... In order to be able to harvest and explore those powerful uses of flora and fauna; you must be 'initiated' and 'blessed' by your lineage guru, guardian spirits and also the mountain spirits from where you collect the animals and plants.

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