Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Romance With A Ghost (人鬼情)

There is a sequel to my ' killer cooking gas' story...

In early 90's, there was a group of people practising Maoshan (茅山) black magic in Ipoh. The main practice of Maoshan then was ghost conjuration similar to the Jinni conjuration method. The idea was to use the spirits as the sorcerer's servants to either attract fortune or to do other mundane things.

The main ingredient of Maoshan ghost ritual is the ghost itself. The best ghosts to look for are those young souls died in freak accidents except for those who were drowned or burnt to dead.

My colleague at that time, Henry was one of those who were fans of Maoshan magic and he firmly believed that having a ghost servant will help him in his fortune and career. However, it cost about MYR1,000 for one spirit conjured by a master. So, many practitioners would choose to look for their own spirits.

The catch is that it is awfully difficult to get a good quality spirits which are young, energetic and cleaver...

During one of those lunch breaks in the factory canteen I inadvertently told Henry about the lady ghost in a place I rented. He immediately expressed that he was interested despite that I have warned him of the danger of summoning a burnt ghost.

I was such a soft heart soul that after Henry begged me for a few rounds, I agreed to bring him to the house owner. Again, the landlord agreed to rent out his house to Henry without too many questions.

One month later, I saw Henry sold his old scooter and drove a brand new car...

Another month later, Henry told me that he has resigned to start his own business...

Yet, another three months later, I heard the news of Henry was hospitalized due to injuries inflicted during his suicide attempt...

I visited Henry when he was a little sober and he told me his story.

There was practically nothing happened during the first week. Just as he started to feel disappointed then late one night the weather was very hot and he flipped and turned in bed. 

Just as Henry was about to fall asleep, he felt someone entered the room. And he turned his back to find a fairly pretty lady sat by the bed staring at him. Before Henry could opened his mouth, the lady said: "By now you should know that I am not a human. I can help you to get what you want but I will only reveal to you when you have had what you want."

Henry nodded without asking too many questions.

The lady then told Henry to go to a huge tree in the house compound and then dig out a plastic bag.

Though bewildered, Henry followed the instructions and there he found a bag of money and some gold bars.

Then, the lady came to Henry during the next night to ask him to buy a new car and start a new business.

Everything went pretty smoothly for a few months. Henry's business progressed well and he had a new girlfriend. Henry thought it was time for him to start a family and leave the house he has stayed so far.

On the last night, the lady came to Henry again with her price: "Henry, I want you to turn on the cooking gas and committed suicide. I want you to come down to accompany me... My previous boyfriend chickened out, the other guy who rented the place farted and pulled before I could do anything. They were not my ideal partners, you are!"

Henry somehow could not resist the lady's order and started to what she wanted...

Luckily a neighbor smelled the scent of cooking gas and alerted the fire department.and because the fear of explosion, the firemen could only pry open the main door with iron bars. 

The luck was on Henry's side and he was immediately rushed to the hospital and eventually saved.

A year later when I returned to Ipoh to attend a friend's wedding; I met Henry and he told me that he was then backed to square one. His business venture was a failure and his girlfriend has also left him. Perhaps the lady ghost has taken back what she has offered to Henry. Whatever case that might be, Henry was happy that he was alive.

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