Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Javanese Pocong Summoning Ritual

This is a Javanese black magic practice to capture energy of the dead for magician’s own use. Not every dead soul is usable, only those died of violent deaths and those who died young will be considered. The sick and old ghosts are useless. No discrimination intended, just the rules of black magic. Sorry.

The dead souls that failed to enter the intermediate realm of resting place can be seen by people. In Java, people call this type of soul as “pocongan” or “hantu wedon”.  However, in other parts of Indonesia and Malaysia, it is known as "pocong". It is believed that a religious person will need to be called to perform a deliverance service to bring such souls to Barzakh Realm. Failing to do so, the dead souls will roam the human world and may do a lot of mischievous deeds.

It is certainly not a desirable case if these dead souls failed to pass over to the other side as they will feel enormous sadness and being tortured by coldness. More so if these souls are unfortunate enough to meet black magic practitioners; then they may be captured to perform bad deeds.

So for the living, pay particular attention to the grave of the newly dead, especially for those who died on Thursday night; if there is a person persistently sits in front of the grave. For he is waiting for steam or smoke like substance to escape from the soils that has already united with the corpse. A black magician will pull the dead soul so that it will follow him with the below mantra:

“Niat ingsun njaluk kekuatanira

supaya cumondhok mring pribadiningsun

Asipat kandel tumraping urip,

asipat madhep tumraping pepeteng.

Sopo nyimpang keliwatan,

Sopo nyanding tan sumingkir

Sopo sing tak cedhaki, atine ajur koyo wedhak

Nyawiji… nyawiji…. Dumugi mring sihing Allah

Tumeka mring sejatining urip linuwih.”

After the mantra is recited with full appreciation, the power of mantra will bind it to be the “unseen keeper” of the black magician. People who practice this type of ritual will be feared and obeyed by others. People will shiver on making direct eye contact because the pocong spirit will install fear in those peoples’ hearts. A Pocong can also help you to win the heart of the person you desire and make him/her to follow all your wishes.

This ritual is not for people with strong characters and those who pray faithfully to God. Spirit cannot bind to such a person due to his/her strong aura.

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