Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A House Full Of Ghosts (一屋子的鬼)

Many people think that they are cursed by other unscrupulous people because people are jealous about them. But these people do not aware that many times they themselves are at fault and they will become agitated when I pointed out no one but they are to be blamed.

A lady in KL came to me complaining that she had been the victim of ‘Kong Tau’ (Thai black magic) for 20 years or so because her neighbour is jealous about her. So I dropped in her house curious about her claims as it is virtually impossible for someone to be hit by black magic and survive for 20 years!

One Sunday afternoon, I found myself standing in front of the lady’s house and to my surprised, there were many protective talismans hanging above the main door: there is a trident, a ‘bagua’ (八卦), a big Taoist talisman and another plate inscribed with ‘om mani padme hum’. Just a few steps in front of her main door were a ‘datuk’ shrine and opposite the shrine is another shrine for worshipping Phra Phrom.

To say it honestly, I already had severe migraine before I even venture into the house. As I was a little dumbfounded in front of the house, the lady came out to greet me and we went into the house for further investigation.

The scene in the house is even more interesting: there is an altar with ancestor tablet and not less than 6 Taoist deities sitting on the altar. Just on a wall next to the Taoist altar was another altar for worshipping Hindu and Thai deities.

After a round of walking, we finally returned to the living room and as I was about to draw some conclusion of my findings; the lady suddenly pulled out a stack of Mao Shan (茅山) Taoist talismans from her bra

Before I start to suspect that this lady is a wacko, she suddenly started to behave as if a kid… Her mother said that it was a kid spirit that has possessed her. So I asked for a cup of icy cold water and splashed the water at her face. The lady regained consciousness and we begun to chat again. After 10 minutes or so, this lady switched into another character again and said that she is the green ‘datuk’ spirit sitting outside. So, I asked for another cup of cold water and splashed onto her face, and she was okay again.

At this point, I decided to take a hike as this lady in front of me wasn’t really being cursed! Her problems can only be solved when she throw all her unwanted statues away! So I tell the lady and her mother straight and then flee the scene. Well, I can catch a vengeful ghost but I cannot treat a wacko!

The above is but one case amongst many that I have come across in Singapore and Malaysia. If you have many statues of various religious beliefs stored in your house, your luck shall not be better than the lady in the story above. Chances are that you have a house full of ghosts! No kidding.

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