Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Curse Of Demon Hunter (猎神的咒术)

Gods or goddesses of hunter are worshipped across the world by hunters of the old. In Malaysia, he is known as ‘hantu pemburu’ or ‘ghost hunter’. It is believe that this spirits is in the hopeless search of a pregnant buck until it sent his dogs to the heavens to get one. As this poor ghost hunter keeps its watch over his dogs in the sky until its head permanently fixed in upward facing position. Gradually trees grow in its mouth and gradually formed a forest. People believe that this ghost hunter still hunts in Malaysian forest.

In Mei Shan religion sect, people would worship Mei Shan goddess (梅山神) before they start hunting. Perhaps this is same as the Greece goddess Diana as both of them are from very old folk cultures.

The belief of Mei Shan goddess has many variants, some tribes think that Mei Shan goddess refers to three sister spirits; while others think that they are in fact spirits of 7 sisters. Any yet some tribes think Mei Shan goddess is actually male hunting god.

Whatever case this may be, people worship Mei Shan goddess not because they revere her. The motive behind calling upon Mei Shan goddess prior to hunting is to secure their animals so that no other hunters can get these animals.

Of course, the hunting of animals can be converted to the hunting of human in another ways as hunting people physically is against the law now and before. So some Mei Shan magicians would call upon Mei Shan goddess to do their biddings…

When a Mei Shan magician wanted to curse a person, he/she would first go to a river bank far away from human habitation with some offerings such as five types of beans, a bowl of bean soups, some grass, and 7 pieces of joss sticks, some joss papers and an egg.

At the location and when all of the items are set up. The magician would call upon the 7 sisters for help and then he/she would light the 7 pieces of incense sticks and use them to draw ‘’ with the egg in the centre.

After the magician is done with cursing and swearing, the egg is crushed with a stone hence indicating the head of the target is smashed. It is believed that by doing so, the target will die in due time.

Another method to secure a game or a person in the forest is to call upon the Mei Shan goddess and then plug a weed. The hunter only needs to tie a knot near the tip of the weed while calling the name and after that a piece of rock is put onto the weed before the hunter enters the forest.

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