Wednesday, April 1, 2015

She Said She Was Murdered (冤魂报案记)

This story was told by an old police officer who once served in Ipoh town police station. Again, the story happened some time ago and since the gentleman just said that once; but since it is quite bizarre, I would just share it with you here as far as I can remember it.

Sergeant Hassan was on a night shift at main counter in Ipoh police station one night and a lady came to lodge a report.

Lady: “I would like to lodge a report, sir.”

Hassan: “On what matter madam?”

Lady: “I was murdered by Mr. A and my body is now being tied in a semi-detached house in Ipoh East.”

Hassan: “What? You are murdered by someone?”

Lady: “You hear me right, sir.”

(Hassan was doubtful and though he has suspected that the lady was a wacko; but since she could furnish some details of the murder case, he felt that he is obliged to take action to investigate…)

Hassan: “Tell me more about the incident…”

Lady: “I was robbed, raped and murdered in an abundance house 3 days ago…”

(The lady kept talking and after she has finished her narration, she suddenly dropped onto the floor and became unconscious.)

The other lady policewoman immediately propped up the unconscious lady and carried her to a bench. After some first aid, the lady finally regained consciousness but to everyone’s surprise; she couldn't remember why she was in the police station!

A man was arrested a few days later according to the lady’s description and he finally admitted that he murdered the victim due to extreme jealousy.

This is the first time I heard of a deceased victim return from limbo to lodge a police report.

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