Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Old Haunted Ipoh Cinema (怡宝鬼戏院)

There was once a cinema situated in Ipoh town centre and it is somewhere near a street where many funeral parlours situated. Old Ipoh folks would know what part of Ipoh town I meant.

This story happened to a classmate of mine somewhere in the mid 90’s but pardon me that I couldn’t recall what was the name of the cinema at this moment.

As the story goes, Wong visited the said cinema to watch a late afternoon movie during one weekend in Lunar 7th month. The movie started at about 4pm and Wong was late and as he entered the theatre, he found that it was a full house! So he squeezed amongst the spectators to his seat and joined the crowd to enjoy the show.

Somewhere towards the end of the movie, Wong felt that he needed to answer the call of nature; so he immediately raised and hurried towards the toilet.

As he barged into the toilet, he saw an old lady was blocking his way. The old lady was a little queer because she used a fan to cover her mouth. Before Wong could pardon himself, the old lady spoke:

“Excuse me young man. Can you please tell me what time is it now?”

Wong did think it was odd to see an old lady in a male toilet, but he thought the lady was a cleaner; so without hesitations Wong look at his watch and read out:

“Oh, it is 5:30pm aunty!”

At this point the old lady removed her fan and smiled at Wong… and as Wong recalled it that the old lady’s lower jaw has only skeleton!

What else? Wong shouted hysterically and quickly ran towards the audience’s seat. To his second surprised, the audience seats were almost empty and only a few spectators seated far and apart!

Now Wong really has no intention to finish the movie and he decided to get away from the cinema. Though it only took a few minutes to exit the theatre, Wong felt as if it was taking ages.

Had Wong’s ordeal over?


As Wong quicken his pace to get his car that was parked near a funeral parlour. He noticed that there was a dead ceremony taking place and Wong’s final shock of the day was that… the picture of the lady hanging in the middle of the funeral parlour looked just the same with the old lady in the cinema toilet!

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