Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Empowering Thai Magic For Next Step

I was asked on what can one do to empower oneself after taking the initial practice.

Well, there are many choices one can follow depending on one’s guru: a person can engage in deep meditation, opens up practices, learn tattoo, learn herbs etc.

Whatever path one chooses to follow, he/she must ensure that his/her magic power is not exhausted. There are many methods but I would just to list down a few standard ways in order to answer the above query:

1.      Since the power of an arjan comes from his/her gurus and ancestors, so it is very important for him/her to perform Wai Kru ritual periodically to ‘re-establish’ the oaths and to strengthen the spiritual bonds.
2.      According to individual traditions, a disciple should also is required to perform a short supplication ritual to call upon all gurus and spirits of the past. I call this the ‘golden tongue’ ritual.
3.      If one is following Arjan Chum’s tradition, then he should also perform the Kong Grapan (invulnerability) ritual as step 2 of the ‘golden tongue’.
4.      After the Kong Grapan ritual, the person needs to stand bare foot on ground to absorb earth energy and this shall increase the practitioner’s power many folds.
5.      While a practitioner would try every effort to keep vigilant, it is impossible for him/her to keep alert 100%; so an arjan should keep some familiar spirits. The most common ones are Phi Phop for medicine men, Phra Ngan for those who like to flirt around, Kumanthong or other spirits. These spirits would lessen a master’s burden when dealing with magical works; or these spirits can serve as very good property watcher.
6.      Being able to meditate is a good thing as this would sharpen an arjan’s magical power considerably.
7.      Traditionally, an arjan would need to consume betel leaves at least once a month on full moon night to maintain his/her magical powers.
8.      An arjan would also need to go to the field on a full moon night to make offerings to spirits and asks for their help.
9.      It is also good idea for an arjan to worship Brahmaraja, Kali, Hanuman etc. to request for blessings and magical powers too.
10.  Old arjan also learnt up shadow play so as to call upon spiritual helps. Shadow play puppets are just as if Taoist’s 5 legionnaire armies.
11.  Traditional herbs such as oils, lime, gingers, honey etc. are consumed after they are empowered by mantras to maintain health and also magic powers.

Of course, I am just skimming on the surface of the available methods that had emerged in my mind. I could write a book on the above methods… for now, perhaps it is suffice for a short introduction to answer a question.

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