Friday, April 10, 2015

The Five Ghost Cabalash (五鬼葫芦法)

This cabalash is used for warding off evil.

A cabalash (葫芦) is used in Taoist magic for many purposes with the most common use of a cabalash is to ward off evil. In many Chinese folklores, Taoists use cabalash to catch and store evil spirits. However, there is another darker use of a cabalash.

In this ritual, one can actually conjure not one, but 5 ghosts to do one’s bidding…

First, you will need a human skull… if you cannot find a real skull; a replica will do as this shall serve as the king of ghost (鬼王). Whatever case that may be, please get the skull on a ‘ghost day’ (癸日).

Now, you may purchase a cabalash in a shop and bring back to your altar for empowerment. Three days after you have set up the skull, you must go out of your house early in the morning before sun rise and collect soils from 5 directions: center, east, south, west and north. After you have collected the soils, bring them back and fill them into the cabalash.

At your altar, you should take breathe of all 5 directions and then blow into the cabalash. Perform the breaths blowing ritual for 49 days and then keep the cabalash in your ritual until the time is right.

When you have found a new grave and if the target is right, bring the cabalash to the grave with a piece of black cloth and some offerings such as flowers and foods to the grave. You must perform the ritual quietly and secretly and you must not disclose your purpose to anyone.

You must stand in front of the tomb stone and draw two ‘+’ signs and then you should step onto the signs for your safety. After that you must stare at the picture until you hear someone is whispering at your ear. When you did, ask it to enter the cabalash together with any other 4 companions if you prefer. Or you may perform the same ritual on another occasion.

After you have successfully captured a spirit, you should go straight home and put the cabalash beside the human skull. You must make food offerings to the spirits daily together with incense and candles.

The spirits will make their presence know very soon if you have done things correctly. Try this ritual if you are a sceptic of ghosts!

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