Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Are They Ghosts? (谁是鬼?)

This is a bizarre story that I have heard from a customer, Albert during a Feng Shui audit.

Albert purchased a service apartment in Damansara Utama a few years ago but only learnt that a small fire broke out on the 10th floor and that fire damaged about 5 floors upwards a year earlier. Albert was lucky that his apartment is situated on the 8th floor hence he wasn't really affected financially; though his emotion was a little affected because there were many casualties.

Since Albert has paid almost half a million dollar for that apartment excluding further investments in renovating it, he decided to move in the apartment with his family and crossed his fingers that everything would be okay.

Well it seems Albert’s worry was a little unfounded at first, but before he could forget the whole incident…

One evening after dinner, Albert’s wife Jess was watching TV in the living room with their children and they saw many white figures dropping from upstairs through the balcony. So they rushed out to the balcony to investigate but found nothing wrong and they went back to the living room brushing aside that was some unscrupulous folks have thrown rubbish over their balcony. That wasn't too strange for those people who dwelled in high rise.

At around 8pm, Albert received an emergency call and he was wanted in hospital to identify a hit and run victim. So, Albert and Jess went out together and before the couple went out, they cautioned their children: Henry and May to watch over the house as they went out for a while. So out the couple went leaving both of their children securely locked.

About half an hour after their parents left, the main door bell rang and both of the children went to open the door and found it was their maid at the door. Though the children felt strange as their made was supposed to be on leave, they were quite happy to see her.

According to the maid, she has forgotten to fetch her travelling document so Henry and May let the maid in and then mind their own business. A few minutes later, the maid emerged from her room and she approached the children and then cautioned them:

“Both of you should know that there were some fatalities during upstairs fire last year. The white shadows you saw dropping from upstairs were those ghosts of people jumping down from upstairs escaping the heat of the fire. However, there is another pregnant lady died during the fire on the 11th floor due to suffocation and this restless ghost may come to disturb you… so please don’t open the door unless you are sure that it is your mom and dad…”

After hearing the seemingly strange reminder, the children grumbled yeah, what next? They bid the maid a bon voyage and continue to watch the TV.

A few minutes lapsed, another door bell rang, and the children thought that was their parents; so they rushed to get the door. Before they opened the door, somehow the maid’s words stroke their instinct and they decided look through the viewer glass and found a half burnt pregnant lady was standing in front of their door!

Both of them gave out a shriek and rushed into their bedroom and covered themselves with blankets. When Albert and Jess finally went back and their found Henry and May curling in the bed shivering badly. Only after much comforting that the children told their parents what had happened.

To everyone’s horror, the telephone call was made by a police officer investigating a hit and run accident and the victim was their own maid. Apparently the maid was hit and killed by a drunk driver earlier when she was trying to cross the road to take a bus.

So, was it that the ghost of the maid returned to warn Henry and May about their potential danger? Or were those ‘fallen objects’ were indeed restless souls of the victims of fire? Perhaps only God has the answer.

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