Friday, April 24, 2015

Sending Hell Fire (送阴火)

So called “sending hell fire” is a Taoist Lu Shan (闾山) ritual to curse a family or a tribe in that members of the family would die slowly one after another. In this ritual a package of items is normally sent to an opponent and when the opponent opens the seemingly ordinary package, the curse is released at the same time.

An unwary person would just throw away the bundle and brush aside it as a prank, but little has he/she known that this would be his/her biggest mistake of his/her life! If the person has known earlier that the package is a curse then he/she would have taken the appropriate action. The correct way to treat a package of this sort is to seal back the package and then bring it to a secluded place and then bury the package in a 3 ~ 5 feet hole. This would deter the curse from taking effect.

If you think I am just telling you another ghost story, then let me assure you that this is a real case that I have came across just a few days ago…

I just returned from Singapore visiting a lady known as Ms Wong. This lady married a Hong Kong businessman and the couple stayed in Hong Kong for about 20 years until Mr Wong died in a car accident about 7 years ago. Life were pretty smooth before Mr. Wong’s departure and now Ms Wong who is supposed to inherit a hefty sum of Mr. Wong’s property lawfully, has met with hostility from her in-laws. Since Ms Wong thought that she has law on her side and that she has done nothing wrong, after going through some legal process; she got her fortune and returned to Singapore.

Soon after Ms Wong returned home, she received a package sent by her mother in law. When she opened the package there weren't too many things in the bundle, only a pair of torn jeans, a half burnt skirt, some sweets, some ash and that was about it… Ms Wong shrugged and threw the package into a dustbin. And about a month later, members of her immediate family and relatives started to fall sick and started to pass away one by one… or at a rate of one or two a year.

Apparently Ms Wong has consulted many masters before I was somehow involved. After I walked around Ms Wong’s premise, she told me about her story but her condition was bad as the cursed package cannot be retrieved and that it would take a few more years before the curse is expired; I supposed by then there would not be anyone left in Ms Wong’s family.

I couldn't stay at Ms Wong’s place forever so I asked her to mix some raw rice with coarse salt and spread them all over her place and that she would need to leave the rice and salt undisturbed for 3 full days or Ms Wong would need to perform the purification ritual again.

Frankly speaking, I don’t know if Ms Wong would come out alive at the end of the day… Maybe you would ask why would someone cast a death curse to a person? Well, we only have Ms Wong’s story and we would never know her in-laws’ story to be fair.

“Sending hell fire” is a pretty cruel curse to be cast. Frankly speaking,  I have never hate a person until I would want to cast this sort of  spell. There is a saying about this spell:


(A man would receive mishap after 7 days of receiving fire, a lady would die in 3 days.)

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